Last Minute, Low Maintenance Costumes

We’ve made it to October 30th, people! Tonight is the night you either try and protect your trees from getting teepeed, or you go around doing to the teepeeing 😉. “Mischief night” as some call it. But tonight is mischievous for more than just the shenanigans. Right about now is when half of us start freaking out that we still have no idea what to wear tomorrow! Okay, maybe you’ve opted to stay in on Halloween, throwing a bowl of candy outside your door, and watching reruns of American Horror Story. But for those attending some form of social outing tomorrow night, the stress levels might be rising. Let’s face it, if you haven’t gotten your hands on a costume by now, you probably won’t have much luck scavenging the store shelves. The only other option is to get creative with what you already have in your closet. Don’t stress, there are a few solid costumes you can pull together from your arsenal of Anjé.

1. Sandy from Grease
How’s it hanging, stud? We’ve all wanted to be Sandy at some point in our lives, and since her look is ridiculously easy to put together, it makes for the perfect last-minute Halloween costume! Grab some black high waisted pants, a black crop top, any kind of black belt, and your Anjé Classic Leather Jacket and you're practically set. Finish the look off with some red lips and shoes and then have your way with a hair curler!

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2. Three blind mice
Do you have friends who are also going to the same social outing as you? Are they all equally as stressed about not having a costume? Well I have some good news. Your collective ill-planning has luckily given you the opportunity to throw together a fantastic trio costume! Put on one of your classic black Anjé dresses (perhaps the Essential Dress?), rummage through your closet for some kind of mouse ears, and toss on your black shades! Be careful, you and your friends mice be the best dressed at the party 😌.

3. Mime
This one’s particularly useful if you don’t want to talk to anyone the whole night 😉. It’s a costume that you can put as much or as little effort into as you want! The basics of the this look include any kind of black and white striped shirt, paired with your Charli Leather Suspender Shorts. From there, it’s up to you! If you want to step it up a notch you can add in some white gloves and a beret. If you’re really feeling in the Halloween spirit, go crazy with the mime makeup too!

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However you manage to pull off a last minute costume, you’ll look like a badass for sure! Share your look with us @anjeclothing and have a very happy Halloween!

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