June’s Drugstore Makeup Review

Drugstore makeup? Pshh, who dares to travel to the depths of the drugstore for makeup? Well, I’ve been there and have lived to tell the tale! The truth is, drugstore makeup really isn’t all that bad as long as you’re using the right products! We’re certainly pushed to try out drugstore brands between the loads of celebrity endorsements and advertisement air-time these companies shove in our faces! Of course it’s nice to splurge a little and buy high-end makeup, but when you’re on a budget and don’t want to compromise on looking fleeky, as the kids say, what are you to do? Look no more! The five drugstore makeup products below are a few of my favs, and are definitely worthy of trying out this June!
1. Covergirl’s Clump Crusher Mascara by Lashblast
Mascara is a staple in almost any woman’s beauty routine, so it needs to do its job…our overall well-being depends on it! Covergirl’s Clump Crusher Mascara by Lashblast is my all-time favorite drugstore brand mascara. I think a big reason for this is the curved shape of the brush, which makes it super easy to maneuver, but the mascara is also true to its name in that it’s extremely clump proof (miracles do happen. I’d also highly recommend using an eyelash curler, sometimes it makes all the difference!
2. NYX Wonder Stick

I don’t know about you, the entire concept of highlighting and contouring kinda intimidates me. I’ve seen so many cases of contouring gone wrong (aka – any celebrity at one point or another), but when it’s done right, it ends up looking amazing! The NYX Wonder Stick makes it ridiculously easy to highlight and contour…and that says a lot coming from me. I’ve fallen into the habit of only using the highlighting end, which I think gives a much more natural look for day to day use, but if you want to pull out all the stops, the contouring side is conveniently on the other end of the stick! Give it a whirl and get those cheeks popping!


3. Almay Eyeliner

I’ve been using this eyeliner since I started wearing makeup (it makes me a little sentimental actually…sniff, sniff), but even if I get teary-eyed over how much I love this eyeliner, it won’t come off! I’ve been using it for so long because of how reliable it is. It’s waterproof, and really is smudge proof, which is nice to know when you’re always laughing or crying about something!


4. L’Oreal Infallible Liquid Eyeliner

Achieving the perfect winged eyeliner look is a feat unparalleled by any other accomplishment in a woman’s life. You need a steady hand, a lot of patience, and most importantly, the right liquid eyeliner!  L’Oreal Liquid Eyeliner is the most cooperative liquid eyeliner I’ve come across in my time (and trust me, I’ve tried A LOT)! I like to use the extra-fine tipped one for more control. I’d definitely give it try! (Just don’t fly away with the intense wings you’ll be able to create…)


5. Nivea Moisture Essential Lip Care

We all have our own preference when it comes to lip balm, but I dare you to try out Nivea’s lip balm and go back to your old one! It keeps my lips so moist that it doubles as my lip gloss most days. After all, no beauty routine could be complete without showing the lips a little love!



Now that wasn’t so bad, was it? In fact, you may even be tempted to go to the depths of your local drugstore and try some (or all!) of these products out. The beauty of drugstore beauty products is that they won’t break the bank, so go ahead and indulge yourself a little this June!

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