Introducing Anjé: The Ride

I’ve been told fans want to hear more about the woman behind Anjé. So I bring you “Anjé: The Ride,” a series showcasing my journey as Founder and Lead Designer on what inspires me, motivates me and why I say that art & culture are the creative engine of the company, while the team walking the walk behind the scenes is the powerhouse.

I want to share with you #ArtInspiresAnje because I am truly inspired by the hidden art and inspiration everywhere I look. I have a team of creative geniuses that share the fondness for art and culture with me. Whether it’s fashion, music and museums or impressive architecture and patterns in nature, art is everywhere. Come along this journey with us as you experience a little bit more about who we are. We hope to inspire you along the way, just as we are inspired each day by the new and old things we encounter. Life can be really exciting when you open your eyes a little wider. Look a little deeper. Dream a little bigger.

Here, I am inspired by the openness of roofdecks and how they allow my mind to be just as open. Whether a ritzy roof for cocktails or the desolate deck of our shoot, the openness is freeing. After our shoot, I stayed for a rooftop brainstorm session that resulted in some great holiday gifts coming your way soon!

I’m wearing the Anjé assymetrical shirt dress, shop here. Suggested pairings below.

Enjoy the ride 


Show us what inspires you #ArtInspiresAnje

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