Inspired By A Disciple

I often talk about what inspires me to do what I do and how I find inspiration in things all around me. While that is the case, there are certain things and people that inspire me well beyond what a visual can do. Over the weekend I visited The Art Factory where my friend opened up his new office and factory. This friend is someone I launched a startup with a few years ago, who then took over that company and has progressively grown it from a startup to a full-fledged, successful business. Now that is what I call inspiration, and something all entrepreneurs work toward day in and day out, with all of our ventures.

Meet my friend, Dave Ruiz, owner of D.One Inspirational Apparel.  D.One is an acronym for Disciples Of a New Era. Dave, Chad (who you know at this point) and I started D.One in 2012 when we realized we all had the same goals of taking our inspiration and dreams and turning them into reality through business. We all had a similar DNA, different from most people we had worked with or met, in the way of positivity and drive. We inspired each other and believed in each other and we helped each other through the perplexities that come with starting a business. As the business developed, Chad and I parted ways from D.One due to other opportunities as entrepreneurs often do, and Dave took the reigns and rose to the challenge.

Fast forward 4 years to today and Dave has expanded the business from only t-shirts to a wide range of apparel, promotional merchandise (magnets, mugs, vinyl window decorations, car stickers and much more), as well as custom apparel and merch for schools, sports clubs, bachelor parties and any other group needing small or large orders. The next time you want something customized, give Dave a call. I feel confident that you will be pleased with your product, his services and knowing you supported a hard-working, positive-preaching, ethical company.

Seeing the office and factory that Dave has created for himself within The Art Factory was stimulating to me. I felt intoxicated with inspiration as he walked us through the massive interior of this 500,000 square foot former warehouse and factory. As you know I have a thing with walls and every single corner I turned seemed the perfect backdrop for our next photo shoot.

I’m so proud and excited for his potential and the future growth of the positive movement that is D.One. The message behind the line is powerful and galvanizing! Whether you need product for an upcoming event, a dose of inspiration or a little pep in your step, I encourage you to stop by and say hi. You definitely will not experience the kind of service and personality with any other company that Dave and D.One will provide you. Follow the movement on a daily basis!

Stay chic this week with an Anjé logo tee, made by D.One at The Art Factory.



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