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HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY, ANJÉLS! This is the day we’ve all been waiting for, our favorite birthday party of every year (America sure knows how to throw a banger!). By now, we’ve all spent countless hours fantasizing about the barbecue bliss, anticipating all of the mattress and car sales, bracing our ears and hearts for the fireworks, and getting better control of our gag reflexes so we can watch the Nathan’s hotdog eating contest and hold down our own food at the same time. But beneath all of the red, white, and blue hoopla, there’s a pretty important meaning to this beloved national holiday. Independence.  Freedom. Liberation. Hoorah! We live in a country where we have freedom that some can only dream about. Independence is a principle that’s embedded in the DNA of our nation, so it’s understandable that we celebrate it every year.

Independence can mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people. It can mean that you’re not scared to go on solo adventures, or it can mean that you make enough dough to support yourself entirely. Regardless of how your independence manifests, it’s important to acknowledge that you have it, and can enjoy it. We should all be taking Ne-Yo’s lead by celebrating the way we’re each Miss Independent! Be proud of the independence that you constantly exhibit as a hard-working, do-it-all, kind of woman. Although today is America’s Independence Day, let every day be your own independence day.

For me, independence is strongly tied to fashion. The ability to wear what I want, and express myself freely through my clothing is a privilege I don’t take lightly. That’s why wearing Anjé makes so much sense to me! The clothing is timeless, and allows the wearer to stand out in her own way by providing key basic elements to any look. Wearing Anjé is the perfect way to showcase your style, which is completely independent from anyone else’s. And since we love this country of ours so much, Anjé clothing is entirely created and manufactured in the USA. So show your patriotism, and sparkle brighter than a firecracker this Independence Day in your favorite Anjé outfit!
What does independence mean to you? Comment on this post! Until next time, cheers…and remember to eat your hot dogs one at a time ;)!

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