I Was NOT a Dog Person Until This Happened…

I have a feeling this blog post will cause a little outrage but hear me out to the end, okay? I have never been a dog-person. In fact, I’ve pretty much been anti-pet my entire life. Perhaps this stems from the time I was a young whippersnapper only in Kindergarten. I got my first (and only) pet, a little goldfish who I lovingly named Babycakes Sugarpie. I adored this fish. Until one night while I was cleaning its bowl, it pulled a Nemo on me…jumped out of its net and down the kitchen sink drain. Fast forward to now, and I’m adult who has never had an actual pet and has never had the desire to get one. I’ve been notoriously known amongst my friends as the cruel soul who doesn’t melt at dog videos and vows to stay pet-less.

Here’s my logic for being against dog ownership: there are simply more cons than pros and owning a dog is a big suck of time and money. You have to pay for the vet expenses, the food, the toys. You have to make sure you take them on walks, clean up after them, and keep them alive. Looking for apartments is probably a nightmare, since many places don’t allow pets. And God forbid, you should want to travel or take a vacation! You’ll end up paying a fortune on a dog hotel or pet sitter. And my biggest grievance? After dogs do their business, they don’t even wipe or put on underwear! Imagine if I ran around naked, not cleaning myself, and then went and rubbed my butt all over your couch? What a travesty!

With all of these issues, I couldn’t wrap my head around why anyone in their right mind would think of owning a dog. This all changed, however, once I spent this past week dog-sitting a 6-month-old puppy named Titan. A bit ironic that I would’ve agreed to this in the first place, but I figured I’d give it a shot. From the start, there was no denying the beauty of this Alaskan Klee Kai, Malamute, Husky mix. With one eye brown and one eye icy blue, Titan was a true stunner…but I was still skeptical about whether he’d be able to win my heart by the end of the week.

It took him a little time, and lots of cheese bribes, to warm up to me. But once he did, he would follow me around everywhere! I had to admit it was bit endearing. What wasn’t endearing was that Titan would get a little nervous whenever I broke out his leash to take him outside. This resulted in him peeing inside…multiple times a day. That inconvenience seemed to fade away, however, every time Titan rolled on his back just begging for a belly rub. Or when he would take long afternoon naps, but awake with a groggy, derpy face whenever he heard me get up and thought I’d possibly be leaving him. No matter the time or how tired this dog was, he would always get up to follow me. It was kinda precious.

Throughout the week, I was so amused by teaching Titan how to do “Paw” and enjoyed my forced WFH breaks every 3 hours or so to take him out. I also brought him to the beach, which was really just adorable (and made for some great photos!) But I realized I was in too deep when I noticed that I couldn’t wait to get home anytime I left Titan in the house because I knew he’d be so excited to see me again! His little tail would wag like crazy and he’d jump all over me…it never failed to make me smile. Who had I become?!

After this week, I understand the appeal of having a dog. They’re built-in best buds who will unconditionally love you and always need you. I never thought I’d have such a change of heart, but I genuinely miss little Titan following me around and I’m more open minded to someday getting my own little buddy.


Are you Team Dog or are you anti-pet? Share your thoughts by commenting below!

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  • Team dog!!! Great article!

    • Maria Schaffner
  • My daughter brought home a pitbull mix 6 years ago and I said are you out of your mind…she said ,I’m babysitting him , little did I know that he ended up moving in with us and I just admire him, he’s my best friend and they are known to be Nanny dogs, and he nanny’s me…he follows me, sleeps with me , he’s always by my side and I love him! Kratos brings such joy to our house!!

    • Lorraine