How to Tackle One of the Top Travel Troubles

It’s 2:24am the night before the big trip you’ve been planning for the past year. Hotels have been reserved, activities booked, Pinterest boards made…yet instead of being excited for your upcoming adventure, your blood pressure is rising, your mascara is running, and your floor is littered with the remnants of all the stress eating you’ve done in the past 24 hours (that poor jar of Nutella). The cause of this fiasco? You STILL aren’t packed. Is your heart racing yet? We’ve all been there before.

You’re never really sure what you’ll need, so you end up overpacking and still feeling unprepared. Walking the tightrope between style and practicality has you stressed out, sitting on suitcases, and running late to the airport because who doesn’t procrastinate on packing? In fact, a survey conducted by Wyndham Vacation Rentals Insights team found that half of over 1,000 respondents said they would give up alcohol for a month or social media for a week to avoid having to pack for a trip.

But come on now, people, we can’t let packing stop us from quenching our wanderlust! Whether you have an Italian dream vacay planned or you’re staying in the states, these packing tips will help cut down on the pre-trip pandemonium just a bit.

1. Roll with it
Yes, rolling your clothes instead of folding them will save you some invaluable space if you’re worried about everything fitting into your suitcase. I didn’t believe this one when a friend of mine first told me. It seemed so counterintuitive! But I’ve compared techniques and rolling really does save space. The catch is that it definitely won’t save you weight – so this is a tip that’s most useful for trips where you won’t be getting hit with overweight bag fees (almost all airlines). But if you are flying, do check out these hacks

2. This is the last straw!
Thin, tangled necklaces and bracelets are the biggest headache when you’re on the go. To quell this issue, try threading one end of a necklace or bracelet through a straw before securing the clasp. This will get you a step above ordinary jewelry organizers that may separate your jewelry, but still won’t be able to prevent tangles!

3. Find some fashion sneakers
As a chronic high-heel wearer, this one’s a tough pill for me to swallow. But from my travels, I can attest that it’s absolutely vital to be wearing shoes that are comfortable and stable (sorry comfy wedges, my ankle is worth more). Before your big trip, invest in some fresh kicks to bring and learn how to rock them so you can get the most out of your adventure. Check out how I styled my Adidas Superstars with some Anjé pieces here!

4. Power through
If you’re traveling internationally and will have to use an adaptor to plug devices into an outlet, bringing a power strip (one of those plug ins with multiple outlets on it) will be a life saver. Instead of packing a bunch of converters for your many electronic devices, just bring one or two adaptors for the power strip and plug everything into the power strip. You’ll be the trip hero for sure!

5. Be basic
It should go without being said, but the real key to packing is to choose basic, versatile clothing that can be mixed and matched into countless outfits. Instead of stocking up on very distinct garments, stick to the classics and if anything, pack extra accessories that take up much less space, but still transform an outfit! And of course, for your travel friendly basics, Anjé has you covered 😉.


Don’t you feel your blood pressure going down already? You’re going to have a great trip… and if you happen to stumble upon any more useful packing tips, PLEASE share them by commenting below!

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