How to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile Part II

Here we are, less than two months to 2021. How are we feeling in the thick of Q4 people? It’s very likely that you may be exploring new opportunities and hoping to score a new role before the new year. As we discussed a back in September, there are plenty of ways to spruce up your profile to better your chances of landing your next dream job. Knowing your keywords, crafting your bio, and not underestimating your headline are great places to start, but here are some extra tips on how to optimize your LinkedIn profile!

1. Get cheesin’
Did you know LinkedIn profiles that feature a picture get 21 times more profile views than ones without a picture? So if you don’t already have a profile picture, you might want to get cheesing! Your profile picture should reflect the industry you’re in to some extent. If you’re in a more corporate field (accounting, finance, etc.) you might want to have a headshot of you in a blazer, whereas if you’re in a more creative field you have a bit more leeway. A general rule of thumb is to wear what you’d wear to work. Regardless of your industry, there are a couple of blanket tips for everyone:

  • Go solo in your picture, don’t use a group picture
  • Aim to have your face take up about 60% of the frame
  • Leave the selfies for Insta
  • Use Snappr Photo Analyzer to scan your LinkedIn photo and get scored based on your face, composition, and editing (I scored a 68/100)

2. Frame your experience succinctly, but powerfully
Trying to articulate your experience on your profile might seem like a daunting task, but there’s a simple formula you can follow: 2-3 sentences to summarize the role and then 3-6 bullet points of your impact. In the 2-3 sentences you can describe the company, the main point of your role, and anything else you think is pertinent. For the bullets, instead of paraphrasing your job description like most people do, you should exemplify the impact you’ve made in the role by showcasing your proudest achievements. Not so scary anymore, huh?

P.s. – you can also follow this same format on your resume!

 3. Show off your skills
The skills section is an often-neglected part of people’s LinkedIn profiles, but it’s one of the easiest places to sprinkle in those key words we talked about in Part I of How to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile. So make sure your skills section is beefed up as much as possible, because those skills will make you much more discoverable to recruiters and hiring managers. A great way to decipher which skills you should have on your profile is to do an audit of job ads that you’re qualified for and see what skills those ads are looking for. You can do some light stalking of your colleagues to get a few ideas as well 😉.


What is the best LinkedIn tip you’ve ever gotten? Let us know by commenting below!

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