How to Get Anything You Want

Now that I’ve reeled you in with the title, I guess I better have something good to say, right? I’ll preface this post by saying that I can’t guarantee that you’ll buy the whole “theory” I’m about to divulge to you. I don’t even know if I totally buy it, but I think it’s valid to a certain extent, and definitely worth sharing at the very least. Not to get super deep here, but I’m sure we’ve all somewhat developed a set of existential beliefs. Some of us may believe that everything is predetermined in life, or that everything happens for a reason, while some of us may very well believe that the events that happen over the course of our lives are random and uninfluenced by any higher power. Despite what your existential beliefs are, the theory I’m about to discuss puts the control in your hands. The main idea? You can govern what happens in your life with your thoughts. #mindblown

I was first introduced to this concept a few years ago when I read a book by Rhonda Byrne called The Secret. The gist of the book was that through “the law of attraction” the thought frequencies that we send into the universe will be manifested in our everyday lives. To put it very simply, whatever you think about will happen. Now, I get that this sounds a little bit like black magic, but hear me out. People (including Oprah Winfrey - so it must be true) have been practicing this theory for years, and swear by it.
One of the key aspects of the theory is visualization, which is a very powerful tool. If you ever played sports when you were younger, I’m sure your coach told you to picture yourself making that basket, or scoring that goal. That’s because “mental imagery impacts many cognitive processes in the brain,” as one Psychology Today article states. Picturing yourself doing something almost primes your mind for it to happen. Before you go to sleep each night, visualize what you want tomorrow to look like, and center this image around whatever it is that you’re trying to obtain. What are you wearing? What are the conversations you’re having with people? Be as creative as you want! The idea is to picture yourself experiencing, or having what you want. Another way to practice visualization is to create a vision board. Physically drawing or finding pictures of the things, or circumstances you want in your life, and throwing them onto a board that you can hang up and look at every day will help you use the power of visualization.

Aside from visualizing, truly believing that what you want will come to fruition is another way to make it happen. For example, instead of thinking to yourself, “I want to get that job”, think “I’m so grateful I have that job”. Say it out loud, too! As motivational speaker and success coach, Marisel Herrera says, “speak it as if it is”. Now, as a disclaimer, all of this can work in the opposite way. If you’re constantly having the same negative thoughts, and picturing the same negative images, they have a chance of manifesting in your life as well. This is why it’s imperative to have a sense of mindfulness when it comes to your thoughts and emotions, and why positivity is so important.


Alright, now I want you to visualize yourself in your favorite Anjé piece, and believe that you already own it. If you’re practicing the theory I just told you about, you should find yourself wearing that piece in the future eventually, but to expedite the process, I’ll provide an extra resource ;).

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