How to Beat the Heat and Still Look Sweet!

“I don’t sweat, I glisten”
I don’t know about you, but I am always sweating. Put me on the spot, and I’ll start dripping with sweat even in the middle of the tundra. Now imagine all of the sweat-inducing moments that occur during the already sweat-inducing summer months! (Cringes, so many cringes). So how can we beat the heat and still look fiiinneee? Don’t sweat it ;)! I’ve got a few tricks up this sticky sleeve of mine! 
1. Spray and stay
Setting spray is a necessity! Listen, if you can get away with wearing no makeup to spare yourself the chance of it falling off with sweat, go for it! But if you’re like me, and don’t feel dressed without a little something on you’re face, you know that the summer months can be extra difficult! Using a setting spray will keep your face in place, and prevent any severe dripping and running! Just spray a little onto your face before or after you put your makeup on (I prefer after), and wallah! Your face is ready to face the heat ;)!


2. Blot it out
Blotting papers have been my saving grace in the past, specifically when I was living without air conditioning in the middle of a heat wave…(it built character, I guess). Blotting papers are definitely worth having around because you can use them during the summer to blot away the sweat without smearing your makeup, but you can still use them during the winter if your skin gets oily easily!

3. Waterproof those eyes
You can probably find a waterproof version for all of your makeup, but if you’re only going to invest in one or two waterproof items, let it be your mascara and eyeliner! These will cause the most obvious dripping and running if it gets to that point, so you’re better off being protected (unless that’s the look you’re going for!). My favorite waterproof mascara is Ulta’s Waterproof Amped Lashes Mascara, and my favorite waterproof eyeliner (which I’ve given a shout out to before) is Almay’s eyeliner!

 4. Wear breathable fabrics
This will really make all the difference! Think about it, if your body stays cool, you’ll sweat less, and won’t even have to worry about your face falling off! Choosing clothes that are light and breathable will keep you more comfortable in general, and really help you air out! Check out some of the Anjé modal pieces to help you look cool and stay cool!

5. Go natural
When it’s hot and humid out, trying to go against your natural hair will often leave you frustrated. If your hair is naturally curly, let it be curly! If it’s pin-straight, keep it that way! Trying to mess around with it too much can make it look worse by the time you hit the heat, especially if you use a lot of hairspray or other product in it. Not a fan of your natural hair? Play with some new hairstyles! I love throwing my hair into a classy low bun whenever I start feeling the drip and don’t want to deal with unruly hair!

 6. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!
I might end up sounding like a pestering mother right now, but you MUST stay hydrated! Good ol’ H20 is probably your best bet, but as long as your continuously keeping liquids coursing through your body, that’s what matters. Not only does staying hydrated keep you healthier (and prevent you from passing out…yikes!), but along with a whole host of beauty benefits, it’ll also work wonders for your complexion, keeping you looking fresh even when the heat’s making you feel otherwise!  


Bring on the heatwave, you’ve got the tips and tricks to ride it in style!



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