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December 18th. By now, you’ve been hopping from holiday party to holiday party and you’re hitting a breaking point. Don’t get me wrong, you absolutely adore seeing your friends and family (even your aunt who still asks way too many questions). But the age-old problem during the holiday season is what on earth to wear! Whether it’s a holiday party, a family dinner, or even a Christmas morning in, the “Instagram Effect” amps up the pressure to look your best at all these events. And don’t even get me started about New Years! So what’s a gal to do? Luckily, the versatility of your Anjé wardrobe has your back!

Office Holiday Party
Ahhhh the annual office holiday party. There’s a lot riding on this gleeful gathering. It’s finally a chance to see and be seen outside of a work context, but don’t be fooled…this does NOT mean you shouldn’t still behave somewhat professionally (limit the eggnog, people)! With this being said, you want your coworkers to see you in a refreshingly, fashionable light! The Aria Asymmetric Tuxedo Blazer & Dress Combo is the perfect mix of sophisticated and chic. Throw on some pumps and a glittery bag to give your look a raise 😉.

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Family Dinner
The setting for many traditions, memories, and romcoms about the holidays! This is where you’ll see the once-a-year club of relatives and try to tame any political debates that ensue in between mouthfuls of mom’s mashed potatoes. Nevertheless, it’s your civic duty to sparkle at this event to give great Aunt Mildred something to gush about at next week’s bridge match. The Slouchy Silk Pant and Silk Tee combo will do just the job! Pair with one of our new scarves for brownie points 😉.

Cozy Christmas Morning
Sometimes the best part about any holiday is simply staying in and bumming it a little! There’s no place like home for the holidays, after al! This year, bum it in style with deliciously cozy Anjé modal and cashmere! Pair any color of the Elbow Pad Sweater with our Modal Loungers and you’ll have an outfit ideal for snuggling up and unwrapping a present or two. The pure comfort will be enough to keep you singing HALLELUJA!  Heat up the hot cocoa and you’re good to go!

New Years Eve
This is the climax of holiday dressing, which means you’ve gotta go all out! One of my favorite tactics for slaying the New Years Eve outfit is sticking with an elegant, yet minimalistic dress, and playing up the makeup and accessories. The Cutout Dress is the perfect candidate! Pair it with the glitziest earrings, eyeshadow, and shoes you can find! What better way to welcome 2019?

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Know anyone in need of a little Anjé this holiday? No worries, we’ll make sure they’re covered 😉. Keep shining bright, Anjéls!

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