Holiday Gift Guide 2020 🎁

You know what? I’m not even going to pretend that December has just crept up on us. This has been the longest year ever. But we’ve made it! The holiday season is upon us and there will no bah humbugging here! In fact, to revel in the holly and happiness, we’ve put together our annual gift guide…so grab your garland and behold!

1. Papier stationery
Papier has some of the cutest stationery I’ve ever seen! Everything from notebooks and planners to notecard sets and photobooks…did I mention everything is customizable?

2. Disney+ subscription
Being that we’ve all been spending more time at home and more time binging shows, if your loved one doesn’t already have Disney+, then they’re definitely going to appreciate it!

3. Cameo
Cameo is one of those surefire hit gifts! You can order a personalized video for your loved one featuring their favorite celebrity, athlete, etc. They won’t be able to stop raving about it!

4. Law of attraction journal
Think and Ink Co. has plenty of mantra material for the manifesters in your life, but the best product, in my opinion, is The I Am Journal. A complete manifestation journal to help your loved one attract anything they want!

5. Alleyoop pen pal
Alleyoop is a beauty company dedicated to saving time in our makeup routines. I came across this nifty four in one makeup pen in an Instagram ad (go figure) and thought it would be a great gift for my makeup wearing peeps!

6. Masterclass
You probably recognize Masterclass from the incessant social media ads they run…you know you’ve seen them! Regardless, it’s a great gift! You can get your loved one an individual class or an annual membership.

7. Weighted blanket
Besides being super comfy, weighted blankets can be really helpful for anyone with anxiety, sleep disorders, ADHD, and autism. The blankets can feel like a calming hug…and I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t need that after this year!

8. Hello Fresh gift card
Not having to worry about cooking or grocery shopping for a few meals? Yeah, that sounds great to me! Let your loved ones relax and pick which meals they want delivered to their door!

9. Homemade holiday greeting video
Since we aren’t able to see as many of our loved ones in person this year, I think sending a personalized holiday video is a festive and cute idea! There are so many free video editing software options out there…now just channel your inner Youtuber 😉.

10. Anjé!
Giving the gift of Anjé has never been a better idea! Your loved ones will be thinking of you every time they wear their effortlessly chic item. What’s especially hot this season? Our new tried and true sweaters and Faux Fur Hooded Wool Coat!  


There you have it! Our gift guide to a holiday filled with falala’s! Which is your favorite item? Did we miss anything? Let us know by commenting below!
Cheers! ✨

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