Hat Tricks

When it comes to hats, I love everything about them. They are a great accessory, stylish protection from the sun and slick cover for a bad hair day. Sometimes they give a sense of conspicuous mystery to others or even a boost of confidence to the person wearing one, in a similar way that children feel safe in sunglasses around new people.

In the past, hats were an indicator of social status, especially with men. Elaborate customs of “hat tipping” as a means of expressing deference to a man’s superiors reflected the importance of the hat in marking class boundaries. Thankfully, times have changed and wearing a hat doesn’t make me better or worse than anyone else. But they are fun to wear and a simple addition to your look. Try donning one of my picks below.

Topshop Fedora, click to shop

Asos Fedora, click to shop

Rag & Bone Baseball Cap, click to shop

Janessa Leone Calla Hat, click to shop

Janessa Leone Calla Hat, click to shop

Ciao for now!

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