Giving Tuesday

You must be exhausted. The past few days have a been a marathon of turkeys, pies, hordes of people at the stores, and a copious amount of online discount codes. After this whirlwind of Thanksgiving festivities, we are now being catapulted into the holiday shopping season (did anyone else’s heart rate start to pick up? 😅). For the next few weeks there will be a nonstop barrage of advertisements to look forward to, and while making sure you get everyone the perfect gift and score some deals yourself is important, we often forget to look at what the season really signifies.

Giving Tuesday is a global movement spanning over 150 countries to create a day of giving at the beginning of the holiday season. After the insanity of Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday, it’s refreshing to have a day devoted to giving back and not just taking in. Today is the actual day that this movement is celebrated, but it’s really just a kick off to a season chock full of charitable acts! Giving Tuesday is super Millennial and Gen Z friendly, as it’s fueled by the power of social media…just search #givingtuesday or check out their social media pages and you’ll see what I mean!

This is great and all, but how can you get involved? If you’re part of an charitable organization, it might already be registered in the Giving Tuesday movement! If not, you can be sure to register your organization next year and let your #GivingTuesday initiative flourish. But if you’re a solo do-gooder, you can also search for events that are happening near you, so you can jump right in and offer your assistance! You can also peruse for ideas on how to give back in your own way, or even email the Giving Tuesday team for some guidance.

Putting the details of this movement aside, if you make small strides in effecting a positive change, you’ll be fulfilling the goal of the mission. This can entail going out of your way to hold the door open for someone or smiling at people you see. And while we’re on the cusp of a month-long shopping spree, even though it’s nearly impossible to resist the retail allure of this season, trying to make more conscious shopping decisions is another great way to live in the spirit of giving back. For example, when you shop Anjé Clothing’s Virtue Collective, 10% of your purchase goes to one of our favorite non-profit organizations called the Kota Alliance. Sounds like a win win to me!
As we kick of the holiday shopping season, keep in mind that this is also the time to look within and give from your heart. Stay grateful, Anjéls!

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