Fostering Your Professional Brand

Here we are, weeks into social distancing and quarantining, as we should be. Although we wouldn’t blame you if you’re starting to get a bit antsy. It’s hard juggling all of your priorities in this new normal. But we’re with you, now and always. And as we mentioned last week, there’s never been a better time to invest in yourself and your professional standing. In the past, we’ve talked about how to cultivate your personal brand and what to do once you’ve established it. Great resources for perfecting your elevator pitch, which is half the battle sometimes! But what about the other specific actions you can take to bolster your professional brand? Here are some top tips from our career experts that you can use to foster your professional swag!

1. Lean into LinkedIn
LinkedIn may be one of your greatest resources in refining your professional brand. It’s also the number one way recruiters will be able to reach out to you about new opportunities. Take this time to beef up your profile as much as you can! Don’t skimp out on the bullets under each work experience, or on your elevator pitch in your bio section, or on the link to your website or portfolio – your profile should have just as much, if not more information as your resume has! If you’re in the market for a new job, turn on the “open to new opportunities” setting, which alerts recruiters that you’re looking.

2. Curate your keywords
Whether it’s your resume or your LinkedIn profile, including the right keywords is crucial to representing your professional brand and making your next career move. This is partly because recruiters often scan resumes and search for candidates by filtering with specific keywords. So what are buzzwords of your industry? List them out and make sure you’re weaving them into your resume and your LinkedIn profile. 

3. Get certified
Having a little more street cred can never do you wrong! No matter your profession, there’s a multitude of ways you can reinforce the fact that you know your shit…for lack of better words. You can look into LinkedIn Skills Assessments, Coursera, or even getting your master’s degree!   

4. Join the conversation
Don’t be afraid to flex your expertise in your professional subject area! Joining relevant professional groups and chiming in with your perspective can grow your network and connect you with the right people. Check out some Meetups, professional women’s organizations, or LinkedIn Groups and start chatting it up!

5. Hit ‘em with your humble brags
A recent Harvard Business Review article states research finding a large gender gap in self-promotion, with men rating their performance 33% higher than equally performing women. It’s no question that women have more of a tendency to downplay their achievements and capabilities. But we implore you to self-promote and hit people with your humble brags when you can! Take the time now to build your brag list – a documentation of your major contributions and achievements that show the value you bring to your organization or any future one. Whip it out in an interview, performance review, or conversations about a raise 😉.

How have you been using this time to foster your professional brand? Let us know by commenting below!

Hope everyone is staying well 💗

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