Five Ideas for a Not-So-Typical Night Out

It’s Tuesday and I know what’s already on your mind…THE WEEKEND, of course! You’re probably in that weird limbo state of reminiscing the weekend that just passed, while fantasizing about the weekend to come. While it is only Tuesday, why not have a little something to look forward to this weekend with these five ideas for a not-so-typical night out?

  1. Laugh it out at a comedy club

What’s the deal with comedy clubs? (That was a Seinfeld reference for those of us still wishing it was the 90s). The deal is that laughing is actually good for us! It triggers the release of endorphins within our brains. Endorphins are the body’s natural feel-good chemicals, which promote an overall sense of well-being, and can even temporarily relieve pain. Heading to a comedy club is a great way to laugh off the stress of the week! That jerk who cut you off yesterday? The billion emails you had to answer all week? They’re suddenly a thing of the past!
Check out a NYC favorite of ours, Comedy Cellar

  1. Van Gogh to a paint and sip

Paint and sips have been all the rage lately, and understandably so! Who wouldn’t want to channel their inner Picasso while sipping on some wine? Not only does it make for a great night out, but it’s a chance to take home a piece of original artwork to show off to all of your friends who ever doubted your artistic abilities (take that, Becky!). If you don’t know where to go, take a look at to find a paint and sip happening near you!

  1. Get cozy at an intimate concert

I don’t know about you, but sometimes huge concerts filled with screaming fangirls and overpriced everything doesn’t appeal to me. Instead, I’ve come to appreciate the beauty of more intimate concert settings. You can check out your neighborhood coffee house to see when they’re having an open mic night or a local band play. You can also look into Sofar Sounds concerts, which take place in nontraditional spaces like living rooms, art galleries and offices. They’re capped at around 60 people as to really bring intimacy back to the live music experience. Concerts are offered in nearly 300 cities world-wide, and tickets are only $15 each….only mildly more affordable than Madison Square Garden, am I right? 

  1. Chow down and take a cooking class

I love cooking shows and sometimes want to drop everything and go on Master Chef but don’t think Gordon Ramsey is ready for me.  I truly enjoy the art of cooking but I never really learned proper technique. So I “fake it ‘til I make it.” Regardless of whether or not you could use a few cooking pointers, or you’re an expert chef like me, taking a cooking class is a great way to get your creative juices flowing (along with the wine, of course). Groupon usually has killer deals on classes if you’re interested! Not only will you be having fun, and eating great food, but maybe you’ll be inspired to spice things up in your every-day cooking at home. I don’t know, just some food for thought.  ;) 

  1. Try swing dancing at a Jazz Club

Doesn’t that nine to five daily grind just make you want to get loose…specifically to syncopated jazz melodies? Me too! How does someone who doesn’t know how to swing dance, and has as much rhythm as an avocado successfully spend a night out swing dancing you ask? Well, some swing dancing / jazz clubs, like Swing 46 in NYC, offer lessons with your admission into the club. So if you’re willing to only slightly make a fool of yourself and learn some new dance moves, I’d highly recommend it!
Anjé’s Fiorella Midi Skirt is the perfect piece to go dancing in, but be careful, it moves so well that it might steal the show! 

Grab a significant other or few of your friends, throw on your favorite Anjé outfit, and get laughing, painting, listening, cooking or dancing this weekend!

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