Five Flying Hacks You Have to Know

Lost luggage, delayed flights, relentless security checks, insanely jacked up flight prices…no, this isn’t a late April Fools joke, this is simply a reality for many who travel via airplane. Whether you’re in dire need of an adventure, or you’re flying for a more obligatory reason, you may very well find yourself in this position soon. Don’t get me wrong, when you’re traveling in the air, it often warrants some kind of excitement as you anticipate arrival in your far-off destination. So how can you focus on the joy and excitement of flying, rather than the hassle? There are five flying hacks you need to know to make your flight a little less…turbulent 😉.

1. Clear your cookies
I’m not talking about chocolate chip ones here…although those might also make your flying experience more enjoyable 😌. Have you ever searched around for a flight to try and find the cheapest option, only to go back to your search later in the day to find all the prices have risen? This could be because internet browsers track your activity and booking sites like to use that data to raise prices once it seems like you’re interested in a flight. Clear your cookies before you book to ensure you pay the cheapest price! I’ve also heard that flights are the cheapest on Tuesdays – so that’s a bonus hack for ya!

2. Invest in a passport holder
I say invest, but you can find one of these babies for as cheap as a dollar if you peruse the internet for long enough! While you’re moving through the airport, it’s often a frantic juggling act to manage all of your luggage and valuables with just two hands. You’ll want to keep any and all papers you receive at the airport in the holder. Let me repeat that: keep all papers they give you at the airport, even if you don’t think you’ll need them. This will prevent you from almost getting stranded in the Mexico City airport when you’re exhausted and just want to go home…definitely not speaking from personal experience 😅.

^My own passport holder, featuring a travel essential – the Anjé Modal Racerback Tank^

3. Eat light before your flight
I’m about to get really real here people, but we’re all friends so it’s okay. When flying at high altitudes, the cabin pressure drops and causes any gas in your system to expand. This can trigger a big #yikes for you, especially if you ate anything that might perpetuate an excess of that kind of discomfort. You know your body, so just choose wisely, that’s all!

4. Wear layers, but be weary of loose articles
A huge tip for flying is to wear layers, and it’s definitely true! You never know how hot or cold it’ll be on the plane, so it’s nice to be able to adjust accordingly. This was exactly my thought process when I did some flying recently. I wore comfy culottes, a tank, a denim jacket, and a long scarf – sounds like a solid plane outfit, right? The problem I ran into was that in every airport or plane bathroom, I found myself desperately holding onto my flowy culottes and swinging scarf so they wouldn’t touch the floor or any other infected surfaces of the cramped space 🤢! So choose layers that’ll stay close to your body!

5. Pack for the worst, hope for the best
Look, there’s not much you can do about the possibility of your luggage getting mishandled. The Department of Transportation reports that about 10% of luggage is lost. You can, however, pack and prepare for the worst by squeezing in an extra outfit into your carry on. There’s nothing worse than getting to your destination, having your luggage get lost, and not even having a fresh pair of underwear while you wait for your luggage to make it back to you!


There you have it, five indispensable flying hacks that should make your trip a little less terrible! What are the flying hacks that YOU swear by? Share with us by commenting below!

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