Finding Your Inner Olympian

In honor of the Olympics, this week’s blog goes out to all of the athletes that envisioned success, trained for success and made it to the Olympics. It’s time to strike gold!

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As a former competitive gymnast, I learned early on the power of hard work and determination. To achieve any goal, personal or professional, there will be challenges to overcome, which require that strong, determined foundation. People ask me all the time, “How do you do it?” It’s not all gold medals and sparkles. It’s strategic planning and executing (or Think, Plan, Pounce as I like to say).

So how do you find your inner Olympian? Think about where you want to be or what you want to achieve. You have to know what you want to be before you can become it. The same goes for financial goals, health goals, relationship goals, career, family….. #lifegoals.

Are you an Olympian at whatever you do?  Employee, boss, colleague, friend, sister, mom, person?

THINK —> I want to get that promotion.

PLAN —> Work smart, hard and focused.  Keep track of your progress with identifiable results. If you saved the company money last quarter because of a plan you introduced, make note of it. If you increased sales by 20%, track it. Real results say a lot more than, “I want a raise.”

POUNCE —> Schedule a meeting with your boss, show your development and explain your passion for wanting to be an integral part of the company. Do not start with, “I think,” “I feel,” or “I believe.” If you only m you deserve a raise, than you don’t. You better know you deserve one and by providing a tangible report from the past 2 quarters will you show you mean business.

You can change the scenario with the same action plan. Shape it to fit your goals. Want a better bod for the 2nd half of the summer? Work at it with my above rules! You can truly do anything you want if you set a plan and execute it. You may not strike gold the first time and if that happens, go back to the planning stage using what you just learned to execute better. Just make sure that when you pounce, you do it like a Boss! 

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Have a super week!


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