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Well folks, fashion month is over. But that doesn’t mean it’s time to walk around in our snuggies and allow ourselves to look like a sack just yet. No, no. As fall unfolds before us, it’s prime time to keep our fashion game strong. With this being said, what comes out on the runway is incredible, however we all know the true pulse of fashion is found within streetstyle. How people adapt runway clothes to reflect their personal taste and the current societal attitudes. While runway trends from this fashion month will be relevant once it’s spring / summer 2020, the street style trends are relevant now. Here are a few fantastic fashion month street style trends that you can start integrating into your fall wardrobe today!
Super Chunky Black Shoes 
And when I say chunky, I really mean chunky. I saw an abundance of bulky black shoes populating the streets of fashion month. Some were full boots, some just a shoe cut off at the ankle. Either way, the clunkier the better this fall! And don’t be afraid to try this trend out with feminine garments...the juxtaposition is always eye catching!

Fun Side Hair Clips 
Cute hair accessories have taken the stage in a big way this past year and they show no signs of stopping! Whether it’s bold clips or bedazzled bobby pins, featuring a little something extra in your hair do should be on your to-do 😉.

Houndstooth. Sounds like a spooky potion ingredient used by the witches of Hocus Pocus, but in actuality it’s a far less menacing entity. A pattern, to be exact, that originated in wool cloth from the Scottish lowlands dating back to the 19th century. This not so scary pattern is classic, but it’s being worn in bold ways by some of fashion’s elite!

Oversized Blazers
Colder weather calls for some fierce layers and what better than a powerful blazer? I’m a big fan of “menswear for women” (if we’re even calling it that anymore), so blazers have always been my jam. But this fashion month has brought an array of blazers with much boxier silhouettes. Great for making a sartorial statement and for carrying a food baby! 

Big Headbands
People couldn’t get enough of hair accessories this fashion month! Besides fun side hair clips, another trend that cropped up was thick headbands. Correction, thicc headbands 😌. Embellished with pearls, popping with color, and just solid black, these headbands completed countless looks and can easily do the same for you! 

What have we missed?! Let us know which street style trends have been your favorite this fashion month by commenting below! 

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