Farm-to-Table, For Clothes


The farm-to-table movement, producing food locally and delivering that food to local consumers, is a hit right now because people like the idea of supporting local. When I heard about another FTT restaurant opening in the area, I thought why not incorporate that model into our business?  As an American-made brand, we have the flexibility to create custom garments in a reasonable turnaround, offering our customer a more intimate shopping experience and custom-tailored product.

We have a private Fabric-to-Body event next week and public events are in the works. Stay in touch with us on social for details. We are taking bookings for private events in the local and surrounding areas. Contact me for details!

There’s more to it than just supporting local. Consumers care about fresh ingredients, the community of the farmers and healthy eating and living. That mind set is not just for food, it spreads to almost any product, which is why we are living in a consumer-driven world today. The people dictate the change and they are leaning toward ethically produced, high quality products over mass-produced garbage.

As a brand that sources local materials, works with the local manufacturers, and produces ethically made, quality clothing, I’m proud to be able to offer what the consumer wants. The custom fit provides my customers with the extra TLC they desire and it’s a way for us to get to know our audience better.

Farm-to-table, for clothes. Try us on for size.



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