Everything You Need for Women’s History Month

A healthy dose of extra strength equality

You ever have those moments where you look back and think “holy crap, I didn’t even realize how far I’ve come!” I get a similar feeling on a much larger scale whenever I think about how women were respected in past decades compared to now. It’s 2019 and while there’s still work to be done, it’s a great time to be a woman, but especially in the month of March. As we await the delicious warmth of spring, we’re served a wonderful 31 days of Women’s History Month! Have you ever been so proud to have that estrogen circulating around your body?! In fact, you probably saw that it was International Women’s Day this past Friday. Not a bad kick off to a month’s worth of women worshiping! So in honor of this great month, here’s a little bundle of female fanfare!
  • Lyft discount: For the duration of the month, Lyft will cover up to $10 of people’s fares if they’re traveling to place that’s historically significant to women’s history. Check out the cities and specific site here, and keep the discount code handy! 

  • Badass Bitches of the Met Tour: This tour of the Met takes participants through a fantastically feminist journey to the pieces of some of history’s greatest female artists…and the pieces of some of history’s most underrepresented female artists. 

  • Laura Berger Art: Oh, and speaking of art…you might want to check out some of Laura Berger’s incredible work. With a contemporary aesthetic centered all on women, you may be so inspired that you feel the urge to pick up a paintbrush yourself! The painting below is one of my favorites, mostly for its “women supporting women” vibes, but also because I find it amusing to imagine people pulling off the pose in real life!

    Spotify’s Women’s History Month Playlist: There’s no question that you’re gonna need a bumping playlist as your personal soundtrack for the month. One filled with the voices of some pretty powerful, badass women. Thankfully Spotify’s got you covered! 🤙

    Anjè’s Feel Good Fabrics: Of course you should hold your chin up high and keep your shoulders back all the time, but as the superwoman you are, we know it’s not always the easiest thing to do. That’s why our clothing is made to give you just the confidence kick you need to keep conquering the world 😉.


    This month and every month remember your strength, beauty, and power as a nod to the incredible women who have come before you. 💖

    How are you celebrating Women’s History Month? Comment below to let us know!

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