European Travel Mistakes You Can’t Afford to Make

Wanderlust. It’s an artsy word that’s painted on a lot of canvases in fancy calligraphy, but what is it exactly? The Italians say life is a voyage and those who travel live twice. I couldn’t agree more (and not just because I’m an Italian myself). I think the saying captures the spirit of wanderlust well – traveling is the gateway to new perspectives and inspirations, which is why the itch to travel is hard to satiate once you catch it! As strong as the sense of wanderlust can be, however, there’s another force at play when it comes to being a globe trotter...all the things you don’t know about the places you’re going and the pickles they can get you into! While the fear of these travel blunders shouldn’t stop you from going, they’re important to be aware of so your journey’s a bit smoother and your wanderlust stays intact. Below are a few travel mistakes you don’t want to make for your trip to Europe!

1. Assuming your device is dual voltage

Most people visiting Europe know they have to bring adapters for the outlets, but what a lot of people don’t do is check that their devices are dual voltage. For example, if you want to bring your hair curler, it has to be able to handle 220-240V as well as the standard American 110-120V. Check your devices, otherwise the fuse will most likely blow them out…RIP to my curling wand.

2. Not making multiple copies of your important documents
This is one of the most important preventative measures you can take. Make two photocopied sets of your passport, credit cards, license, and other important documents. Leave one set at home and one set with you (but not in the same bag as the original copies). If something happens to any of those documents, you don’t want to be struggling to remember numbers or other details that can help you report and replace them.

3. Relying only on buying water bottles

Listen, the last thing you want when you’re traveling is to be dehydrated and sick because of it. In Europe, water at restaurants is not always free. Instead of living from overpriced water bottle to overpriced water bottle, invest in a Brita bottle that you can refill with tap water under the reassurance of a filtered straw!

4. Not stamping your tickets
In America, if you buy a bus or train ticket, you hop on that bus or train and you’re set. In Europe there’s an extra step that we Americans often fall victim to. Before you get on your mode of transportation, there will be a little machine that stamps your ticket. If you’re caught with an unstamped ticket, you’ll be getting a nice fine as one of your souvenirs!

5. Being over ambitious with your itinerary
Europe is a big place and any country within it has a rich history and lots to see. If you don’t leave enough time to make some mistakes, you’ll end up disappointed when you get thrown off course (because it’s bound to happen). Instead, list out the things that are a priority to see and don’t sweat it if you can’t fit in the rest!


We’ve all got a bit of wanderlust here at Anjé, so let us know how to avoid some of the European travel mistakes you’ve encountered by commenting below!

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