Coping with Emotions that Consume You

Hellloooo there you pretty thang, and welcome back to your favorite blog! Buckle up today, because this week we’re chatting about how to cope with consuming emotions. May is mental health month, so we wanted to kick it off with a topic that a lot of us can relate to…and regardless of the reason, chances are you’ve experienced a time when you were consumed by thoughts about something or another. And if you’ve experienced it, you know it can be exhausting.

Perhaps you have intrusive thoughts of doubt in yourself, right when you most need a confidence boost. Maybe you’re overwhelmed by the emotions that have come with a recent breakup. You might even be distracted by the anxiety over life going “back to normal.” Whatever it might be, you’ve probably found yourself wondering how to go about your day without being triggered every other minute. While each person and situation is unique, here are a few tips that have been found to help cope with being consumed by strong emotions. 

Sometimes, the most frustrating thing about feeling consumed by emotions is not understanding which emotions have their grasp over you. You know you’re bothered, distracted, and that clearly something is wrong, but you can’t put your finger on what exactly is causing these feelings to flare up. Emotions are simply symptoms of something bigger going on inside of you. Take some time to journal, talk it out, or spend time with yourself to try to pinpoint the underlying cause of what you’re feeling.

You may feel like it’s best to repress your emotions and try your best not to think about whatever is causing your strong emotional reaction. But instead of pushing down your strong feelings and constant thoughts, try just acknowledging them. Give yourself a few moments to address that the thought is in your head, and then go back to whatever you were doing. As Kiyomi LaFluer at Awaken into Love says, you need to feel to heal. My favorite way of implementing this is to keep a note tab in your phone where you log the date and time for each instance that you stopped and thought about the emotionally taxing situation at hand.

Breathwork is actually extremely beneficial when dealing with any type of anxiety. Square breathing or box breathing can bring you back down to earth and recenter you if you feel like your emotions are completely enveloping you. This is something you can even do if you're in public and need a discrete quick fix. 

You’re feeling whatever you’re feeling for a reason. When we can assign meaning to our suffering, it makes the whole experience much more tolerable. So ask yourself how you can grow from these thoughts, what are they trying to tell you about what needs to change in your life? And above all, be patient with yourself.


Be sure to take care of your mental health this month and every month ❤️. 

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 800-273-8255

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