Celebrating Women’s History Month

Get ready for the girl power

The month of March can often feel blah, uncomfortably smooshed in between two seasons, not much excitement going on. BUT, we can’t forget that this month is Women’s History Month! While I don’t think we should consign the celebrating of girl power to just one month of the year, it’s still important to dedicate some time to acknowledge and reflect on the progress that women have made. In fact, this past Thursday (3/8/18) was International Women’s Day. But of course the celebrating shouldn’t stop there (especially if the day crept up on you, and you didn’t realize it was National Women’s Day until you scrolled through your Instagram feed…). In the spirit of keeping the female fiesta rolling, here are some ideas on how you can celebrate Women’s History Month!
1. Drop a line

Is there a woman in your life who has influenced you to be the woman that you are today? Let her know! Send an email, write a letter, shoot her a text! This lady deserves to know how much she’s impacted you. It can be someone close to you, or even a public figure that you’ve only dreamt of interacting with. Either way, showing some love to the females who have inspired you throughout your life is definitely a worthy way of participating in Women’s History Month!

2. Plan a girl’s night
How better to bask in your womanhood than having a classic girl’s night with your team? Go for drinks at your local bar and reminisce for hours. Get all dolled up for a fancy dinner and a play. Or have a wine night at home and jam out to a killer female-centered playlist (Spotify has a whole genre dedicated to Women’s History Month!). Regardless of what you do, do it with your girls. Carve out the time in your busy schedules to get together this month. It’s the perfect excuse to spend time with some friends you haven’t seen in a while too!

3. Be a mentor
As the saying goes, “Empowered women empower women”. As much as it’s important to show gratitude towards the women who have positively impacted you, it’s equally important to pay it forward. As a powerful, ambitious woman, you have a lot to share. Consider working with Big Brothers Big Sisters as a mentor for a girl in need of a strong, female role model. Another great organization to check out is Step Up Women’s Network! If working with an organization is a little too demanding for your schedule, why not have a fun day with a girl in your life who deserves to know how special she is (you don’t necessarily have to be an aunt to be the “fun aunt”).

4. Get lost in the legacy
It is Women’s History Month after all! Read up on some history, look out for next week’s article 😉, watch some empowering videos on YouTube (Emma Watson’s 2014 UN speech is my personal fav). NYC offers plenty of opportunities to explore the richness of women’s history. The New York Historical Society, for example, has an entire center dedicated to women’s history. The Metropolitan Museum of Art kicked off its “Nasty Women of the Metropolitan Museum” tour this past Saturday, and will be continuing the tour until July! Either way, get out there and learn about all of the ladies who have left a legacy!

5. Shop the Virtue Collective
Here at Anjé, we’re huge female empowerment advocates! Established by our very own #girlboss, Angela Brasington, we pride ourselves in our efforts to foster the growth of ambitious women. We’ve partnered with the Kota Alliance to provide an incubator for not-for-profit organizations, social enterprises, and women-owned businesses that share the like-minded goal of gender equality and women's empowerment. A great way to celebrate this marvelous month is to support the Kota Alliance by shopping our Virtue Collective, where ten percent of all sales will go towards Kota’s monumental work! …Not to mention the badass clothing…


Stay tuned next week as we continue to celebrate women’s history month by delving a little deeper into how fashion has played a role in the oppression and liberation of women. Anyway, how are you celebrating Women’s History Month? Let us know @anjeclothing !


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