Celebrating Our 100th Post!

Pop the champagne! Cue the confetti! It’s officially our 100th blog post! Yup, that’s right, 100 articles spanning a wide range of topics brought to you each week through our newsletter and all available on the blog section of our website. From fashion advice and Anjé news, to serious topics like women’s empowerment and life philosophies - it’s been quite the journey, friends. In honor of this 100th post, the Anjé Clothing team has picked some of our favorite posts to reminisce on (which was a pretty difficult task)!

How to Be Taken Seriously As an Ambitious Woman
This was one of the very first blog posts we published…an oldie but goodie as my dad likes to say. There’s no doubt that as a woman, your credibility and authority is often questioned. This is incredibly frustrating especially when you’re aware of your own capabilities and ambitions. We love this post so much because it’s chock full of tips you can start using today to improve the way others perceive you. Less energy wasted on having to convince people to take you seriously, and more energy put into getting things done! #girlboss


This poignant post highlighted the #WeAreAnjé campaign we launched back in 2017, and was centered around the fact that anybody, regardless of age or body type, is utterly beautiful in our clothing. The best part is that even though this post was published in the summer of 2017, #WeAreSTILLAnjé today! Promoting body positivity and self-love is at the core of what we do. Our clothes are not only designed for comfort and style, but for accentuating any woman’s figure and confidence in all the right places!

Lights, Camera, Anjé!
This one always puts a smile on our faces! A playful play-by-play documentation of the day we filmed one of our campaign videos, this post is a classic behind the scenes look at what kind of shenanigans go on here at Anjé Clothing! If you haven’t checked out the video we produced that day, reread this post and then feast your eyes here!

We have a special place in our hearts for this post. It was published at a very tender time in our world, right as natural disaster was striking relentlessly and shortly after the 2017 Las Vegas tragedy occurred. This post illustrates what it means to be resilient in the face of tragedy, and offers a timeless perspective on how to bolster our abilities to be resilient in any situation.

A Day in the Life of an Anjé Leather Jacket
Not only does this post showcase the many different ways to style an Anjé Leather Jacket, but it also comes with a super entertaining backstory that’ll keep you on the edge of your seat 😉. We love this one for its creativity, fashion forwardness, and emphasis on the badass type of women that wear Anjé!


If you’ve been with us from the start, THANK YOU. If you joined us last week, THANK YOU! Your feedback and support have been monumental to us!

Xoxo -The Anjé Clothing Team

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