Celebrating National Dessert Month

I think we can all agree that October is a pretty hype month. It’s the advent of the holiday season, fall finally starts rolling in, and pumpkin spice reenters our lives to make everything suddenly okay again. What I’ve never realized about October, however, is that it’s also National Dessert Month! I personally don’t know any item more worthy of an entire month of celebrating. It’s particularly fitting that October is capped with Halloween, any sugar addict’s sabbath day. In the spirit of celebrating National Dessert Month, I’ve found a few extra enticing dessert recipes to try out! Just make sure you keep the drooling to a minimum…

1. Stuffed Peach Cobbler
With the number of pies you’ll soon be eating as Thanksgiving nears, you might be feeling the need to do a little reinventing. This stuffed peach cobbler recipe is the most delicious way to do just that! Each ripe peach should be tenderly wrapped in pie dough, stuffed with mouthwatering cobbler, and then baked for about 30 minutes. To top off your warm stuffed peach, generously drizzle on some caramel sauce. Now that is an out of the box recipe just begging to be made during this dessert fiesta of a month!

Recipe and image via simpleandtasteful.com

2. Peanut Butter and Jam Cups
Another twist on a classic treat! I originally saw these babies on Pinterest and the fantasies haven’t stopped since! Although I still haven’t gotten around to making these myself, the recipe seems surprisingly simple! All you need is coconut oil, creamy peanut butter, grass-fed gelatin, powered Swerve Sweetener, and raspberries! The best part is that I can totally convince myself that this dessert is wayyyy healthier than a regular old Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups (this recipe is just fruit and protein, right? 😅).

Image and recipe via alldayidreamaboutfood.com

 3. Nutella Stuffed Cinnamon Sugar Donut Holes
Surprise, surprise! I’m sure no one expected to see a Nutella-based delicacy here, but a dessert list without Nutella is simply sacrilege! As someone who’s tried Nutella in a variety of questionable combinations, I can tell you that Nutella and cinnamon sugar is a duo that’s hard to beat. Especially when it’s packaged in adorable donut hole form! With a total cook time of 45 minutes, you DONUT want to pass up on making this irresistible dessert 😉!

Image and recipe via celebratingsweets.com


On a more serious note, today happens to be World Food Day -  a day devoted to calling attention to world hunger. So while you celebrate National Dessert Month, keep in mind that the food we eat is a privilege many in this world unfortunately do not share. Our planet currently produces enough food to feed every person on it, but about 20% of the food that’s produced goes to waste. If you want to help out, find a way to donate to your local food bank, or simply be mindful about your consumption.

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