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We’re just over 3 months out from when the death of George Floyd shook us all to our core. And guess what? Black Lives STILL Matter. It’s important that we stay diligent even long after the hashtags stop trending and other news items are headlined. So what can you do? How can you show your support? We have a few ideas.

1. Use your spending power

Now more than ever it’s crucial for us to be social consumers and put our money where our mouths are. By supporting Black owned brands and companies, you’re using your spending power to uplift this historically oppressed group of entrepreneurs. Here are just a few of our favorite Black owned businesses, but let us know some of your favorite too!

2. Support an organization
Whether it’s with your time or money, find an organization that speaks to you and support it! Any cause could use your unique perspective and talents. A few you might want to look into include Black and Brown Founders, Black Girls Code, Harriet Tubman Collective, Embrace Race, and SoGal.

3. Understand your own implicit biases
The Implicit Association Test was created in 1998 by Tony Greenwald (University of Washington), Mahzarin Banaji (Harvard University), and Brian Nosek (University of Virginia) to uncover attitudes and beliefs that people may be unwilling or unable to report. Granted, this test can bring much more to light than just racial biases but the whole idea is that if we’re more aware of our unconscious attitudes, we’ll be able to act differently and have more productive conversations around how to advance society as a whole.     

4. Wear Black Lives Matter
Your favorite Black Lives Matter attire never goes out of style! Wear whatever you have loud and proud! Since you already have to wear a mask now too, might as well check out our Black Lives Matter masks! A portion of proceeds from every one of our masks still go to  Hackensack Meridian Health's COVID-19 Response Fund, which provides ongoing support for the hospital’s equipment and supply needs.  

5. Bring BLM to your company
Even if you’re still working remotely, ask to be involved in your company’s Employee Resource Group. And if that doesn’t exist, this is the perfect opportunity to spearhead the project! Your Employee Resource Group can play an integral role in ensuring diversity practices are recognized across your organization.


We must keep listening and learning, so we want to take this opportunity to ask you what we can do better. Please share your constructive thoughts with us by commenting below!

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