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A big Anjé salute to all the veterans today, tomorrow and everyday! Thanks to all those who served for us then and those who do now!

With all of our recent runway shows and red carpet interviews, it seems I’m always in front of the camera. But for me, I love being on the other side of the lens! Photography is one of my favorite creative outlets. There is a whole world inside the frame that only the one looking through can see. #ArtinspiresAnje

My uncle taught me to have fun with photography at a young age by incorporating my surroundings and capturing the perfect shot. I did something similar with this shot of Rachel here. It’s always exciting to put my own twist on a shot by exploring different angles to shoot from.

I also find it pleasantly nostalgic to look through old photos and reminisce. 

I’m wearing the Anjé go-to silk tee and silk slouchy pants. I like to be comfortable when shooting in case I have to get in a weird position for the right shot. This outfit is ideal for that but can also easily be dressed up by swapping out the sneaks for your fave pumps. Click the photos to shop or see below for more great silk options!

Share your favorite photography moments with me using #ArtinspiresAnje.



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