Bangin’ Bday Presents for Any of Your Besties

Real talk: is it just me, or are SO MANY PEOPLES’ BIRTHDAYS COMING UP? I’ve got five of my close friends’ birthdays in the span of two weeks and my head is spinning. By the time your bud’s special day on your radar, it’s too late. The birthday creeps up and pounces before you can even think of a semi-creative gift idea for them! So then you end up getting them a Starbucks gift card (again) or loading them up with their favorite wine (useful, but still not very creative). The pressure to get a great gift is especially high when it’s a milestone birthday…cue the cold sweat. Don’t stress, there’s still time! If you’re looking to step up your gift-giving game, here are a few solid ideas!

1. Sporty staples
Wellness is a trend that everyone has jumped on board with at least to some extent in the past few years. Whether your friend is an athleisure freak, just starting a new health kick, or a consistent gym rat, hooking her up with some essentials will be much appreciated! My top picks? A Brita Bottle and a sleek new gym bag 💪

2. Personal Spotify playlist
Definitely one of the more thoughtful options on the list, a perfectly curated Spotify playlist is the modern equivalent to an old school mixtape! Let your best friend know how much she means to you by compiling the songs that make you think of her, or the songs that you always jam out to together. If you’re feeling extra crafty, you can even spell out a secret birthday message with the first letter of each song in the playlist!

3. Spa package
As ambitious women, we often forget to take time for pampering. Give your bestie the gift of zen for her birthday with a little spa package! You can create your own basket of bath bombs, lotions, candles, and face masks, or you can grab a spa gift card. You might as well just join her for a couple’s massage so you can give her the gift of your presence too 😉.
4. Engraved goodies

I’m a sucker for any kind of simple, silver jewelry, but engrave something meaningful on it and the value of the piece skyrockets. There are plenty of jewelers that’ll do the engraving for you once you buy the item, but you can also go to retailers like Things Remembered, or even shop around on Etsy!

5. Oodles of Anjé
I know, I know, you were already planning on this one. I mean, any article of Anjé clothing is the gift that keeps on giving…every girl could use some buttery soft basics in her closet! Play it safe and get her some of our cozy modal pieces, or go edgy with some Anjé leather! Caution: tears of joy may be shed.


I know you’re vying for the “best friend of the year award”. With these gift ideas, the title is all yours!

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