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Bringing the word artsy to a whole new level

Beyoncé, Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande. The Grammys took place just over two weeks ago now, so when you hear the word “artist” your mind may naturally lead to those singers (or queens 😌).  But today I’m gonna put musical artists on the back burner. Instead, I want to chat about a few of our team’s absolute favorite traditional artists. Yes, those photographers, painters, sculptors, digital animators, and so on! These people are often the champions of social movements and seem to find peculiar ways to tickle our minds. As Pablo Picasso once said, everything you can imagine is real! Our artistically gifted cohorts in this world help us actualize this – a pretty hefty job if I do say so myself. So without further adieu, I present our top three favorite artists right now!
1. Sara Shakeel
This badass dentist turned artist is known as the original crystal artist. If you troll any kind of social media, it’s highly probable that you’ve stumbled across Shakeel’s work. With 700K followers on Instagram, it’s safe to say that people have really taken to her crystal and rainbow ridden pieces of graphic art. In a recent Forbes article, Shakeel shares that crystals and diamonds are her mediums of looking at the world. So of course, she revels in adding some sparkle to even the most mundane objects of everyday life. For an artist with no formal training, Shakeel is surely kicking some serious art ass!

2. Louise Parsons

This mixed media artist has a pretty loaded resume of experience, and it certainly shows in her artwork! She’s been featured in leading UK fashion magazines and was the publisher of the 'The Artists and Illustrators Magazine' for several years. Taking inspiration from city life and the beach, her pieces entail a playful range of mediums spanning from acrylics to natural stone materials. And as of late, she’s been experimenting with 3D collages (which pictures definitely don’t do justice for). Be warned, clicking through the collections on her website is fairly addictive, but absolutely worth it when you start fantasizing about which wall you’ll place any of the masterpieces on!

3. Robyn Blair Davidson
Last, but not least, this artist is probably the sweetest of all…literally. Davidson’s obsession with candy has led her to building a successful art empire, and I am SO here for it. With an aesthetic centered on sugar and a slogan like “satisfy your sweetest desires”, we couldn’t not feature this irresistible newcomer! Her claim to fame is her unique ability to make tantalizing art out of the world’s most beloved candy. Each customizable vessel comes equipped with a cheeky message and a whole lot of sweet temptation!


Feeling all artsy now? It’s those creative juices flowing! We want to hear about your favorite artists too, so be sure to comment below!

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