Are Women Worthy?

Why women empowerment? Why are we hearing this in more and more marketing campaigns? Is it a trend or is it backed by strategy? Along with bringing you interviews with influential and inspiring women in our new series, I think it’s important to understand the WHY behind the WHAT and WHO. Prepare for some impressive facts, followed by a fun, little in-house focus group to show you just how accurate these fact-providers really are.
According to Bloomberg BusinessWeek, women make up 85% of all consumer purchases. Pause. Digest that.
According to Forbes, women have a multiplier effect. They are multiple markets in one. Because women serve as primary caregivers for children and the elderly in virtually every society in the world, women buy on behalf of the people who live in their households, as well as for extended family (such as older parents and in-laws) and friends.

Huffington Post put out a great article by Alana Joseph, in which she contemplates whether corporate marketing is ultimately making the modern feminist movement inauthentic. She determines that brands are simply buying into those making the purchasing decisions and driving to create impactful moments with them through authentic experiences.

To me, marketing to women is an obvious move for any business. Even when men are making a purchase, women tend to influence that decision. Women are more likely to make an educated decision on a purchase based on facts, rather than simply because there is a need or want.  For instance, they will consider price comparisons, social factors and their monthly budget allowance before making the final purchase.

Look, I’m not saying men do not buy their own products and have their own tastes. Of course they do. However the statistics speak for themselves and I’m only listing a few to keep your attention but please enlist your trusted friend Google to find out all the facts for yourself.

Don’t trust these credible sources? I did my own investigation to see if the facts hold up in my world. I encourage you to do the same! I explained to each of the following women the research I’ve done on this topic, along with the facts I’ve provided above. Following that, I asked them to discuss their experience and whether or not they can relate. Read on to see how they responded.

Poonam Sharma Mathis, Founder of StealthForce
As a single woman, I always controlled my own purchases. As a married woman, I happened to marry someone who could not care less about what we buy so I definitely control the purchases in our household. I am the one concerned with the food and products that my family and child take in, and my husband respects my decisions.

Chiara Tribulato, CoFounder of A Musical Place, AMP
I studied engineering and my colleagues were 90% men. When I was in school I used to cut a friend’s hair, which led to cutting hair for all of his friends as well. They always asked me how to dress, how to do their hair, what to carry, etc. I find it interesting that, in a male-dominated world, I ended up taking control.

Elise Runde Voss, CoFounder of UpScored
My fiancé needs a little help when it comes to fashion. He doesn’t know where to start so I help by setting up appointments or by going along with him. I might not be buying for him, but I am definitely influencing his decisions.

Elise previously worked at a hedge fund and the majority of her colleagues were men. They would constantly ask her style questions and concerns, “as if I knew what I was talking about,” she quipped. They always assumed I had the answers because I was a woman.
[Side note – Elise has killer style all the time! Especially, I might add, after her fresh new Anjé maxi dress purchase. But that’s neither here nor there.]

Mary Hermant, The Queue
The whole family dynamic is beyond accurate. It’s not 85% for me, I do 100% of everything. I do 80% of our shopping on my mobile (pantry, grocery, school supplies, etc) with one hand. My primary reason for doing this is because I can compare pricing effortlessly in the midst of my busy life.

Shauny Lamba, Founder of Wanderlassi
These stats are true for my relationship with my boyfriend as well as my family. My boyfriend dresses really well all the time, but he doesn’t know how to dress casual. I help him in that aspect all the time so he’s not wearing a suit and tie everywhere. I also handle all the household purchases because I’m just more educated about it, it’s part of what I do.

Shauny’s mother definitely affects her father and family purchases all the time. Both Shauny and her mother do all of the family gift buying for birthdays, holidays, new babies, etc.

Before you go busting on all the women-centric marketing and advertising you see these days, take a second look. It seems to make a whole lot of sense. So you tell me, are women worthy of this empowerment?



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