Pop quiz. What’s one of the things we love most at here at Anjé Clothing? Alright times up... it’s a good 👏 minimalist👏 wardrobe 👏. Keeping it simple and chic is our MO, but how many times have you created a sleek, basic look that was just missing something? We do love a good minimalist wardrobe, but it makes accessorizing all the more important. Our clothing provides a canvas for you to express your individuality, and what better way to do that than with some jewelry? We recently had the pleasure of doing a killer collab with a jewelry brand you’re bound to fall in love with, and we have to gush about it for a hot sec.

Let me introduce you to our latest obsession, SASKIA jewelry. With materials sourced from Africa, Asia, Europe and beyond, SASKIA embodies wanderlust and the unique perspective it brings us. We’re all on a journey, and SASKIA jewelry celebrates this idea to the fullest! The fearless founder of the brand, Saskia de Vries, was inspired by her travels and now gives a voice to artisans in the places she visited through her jewelry designs. SASKIA jewelry, paired with our clothing, is the perfect medium for expressing your individuality. And just in case you don’t believe us, we took the liberty of playing dress up for you 😉.

In the look below, we paired the absolutely precious Little Gold necklace and the Funky Hoop Earrings with our Silk Tee in black and our Classic Leather Mini. The Little Gold necklace is made of delicate hematite and Indian brass, the ideal every-day necklace. And who can resist the Funky Hoop earrings, made from recycled vintage metals? These pieces add the perfect pop of color to an all-black Anjé get up!

Next up is yours truly, sporting a barrage of beautiful pieces! In the first look, I’m rocking those Funky Hoop earrings and the Little Gold necklace, as well as the Gia necklace and the Rose Gold necklace with the Anjé black Modal Racerback Tank. The Gia necklace, a sweet combination of faceted pyrite and gold vermeil, is a fantastic layering piece. And the Rose Gold necklace – don’t even get me started! The Rose Gold necklace combines rose pink and brass and can be worn doubled to look like two separate pieces…now that’s what I call versatility!

In fact, the Rose Gold necklace and the Gia necklace were so beautiful and versatile, we just had to pair them with our Silk Tee in black and throw on a different pair of earrings. The earrings pictured here are the Confetti Earrings, made of brass wire-wrapped findings on 14k gold ear wire. These babies are a show stopper that’ll keep you cheesin’ hard!

Lastly, we paired our Silk Tee in taupe and our Classic Leather Mini, with the Baby Dream necklace and the Mien Earrings. The playfully perfect Baby Dream necklace features smoky quartz and tantalizing Tibetan turquoise, while the Mien Earrings are made of Karen Tribe Brass, inspired by the Iu Mien people of Southeastern Asia. The way the turquoise pops against the silk taupe really has us feeling some type of way 😍.


Classic Anjé pieces paired with spunky SASKIA treasures are a surefire way to not only curate incredible looks, but to showcase your personality in every style.

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