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When you’re constantly on the move, you know your footwear is of utmost importance to you. Your whole day could depend on the state of your little piggies down there! One trend that has revolutionized fashion for the sake of our feet is athleisure, and subsequently the upsurge of fashion sneakers. In fact, wearing sneakers as a fashion statement is becoming the new norm, and understandably so! Look, those sleek black pumps look badass and all, but the blisters on your feet afterwards don’t! This is saying a lot coming from a girl who wears heeled shoes like it’s her day job, however, I’ve recently jumped on the fashion sneaker bandwagon. And what better sneaker to do it with than the classic Adidas Superstar? You’ve definitely seen these kicks before, they’ve been around since 1969 and are consistently one of Adidas’s best sellers. Close behind is the Stan Smith shoe (just so I can do the sneaker heads here a little justice). Anyway, since I’m new to the sneaker game, I decided to play around with a few outfits, and was amazed at how versatile these shoes can be…especially with Anjé!

Dressed Down
If you’re going to invest in a pair of sneakers, you’re obviously going to wear them for the comfort and not just the style! With that being said, there are plenty of Anjé looks to pair with your new sneaks that will have you feeling like you’re living in a blissful world of coziness and serenity…amidst the occasional chaos. Take our Modal Loungers, for example - they’re the perfect comfy pant to dress down Adidas Superstars. Throw on one of our modal tanks or tees, and you're ready to take on the world with effortless ease!

Dressed Up
While lounging around and looking fly is always great, sometimes an occasion calls for us to step it up a notch (haha get it, “step” 😉)! Think about a day in NYC, or traveling in general! Stepping your style up a notch doesn’t have to entail your feet being in pain! Although it may feel counterintuitive at first, pairing classically formal pieces with sneakers is a refreshing way to shake up your style! I certainly wasn’t a believer until I tried it! In this look, I paired Anjé’s Black Modal Racerback Tank with the Classic Leather Mini, and tossed on my own scarf, stockings, and basic black cardigan. Pulled together with my Adidas Superstars, the look is a hit for a cute, yet comfy day!


The versatility of Anjé’s classic pieces means that they can all be mixed and matched to make endless outfit combinations…even with sneakers! How do you rock your Adidas with Anjé? Post a pic and tag us @anjeclothing !

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