Amping Your Insta-Game

There are many questions of life that are known to cause sleepless nights. What happened to Amelia Earhart? What is the meaning of life? How do you curate the perfect Instagram grid? … Come on, we all know that the last one is the most pressing! Last week we talked about social media as the hot commodity for any thriving business, and in the past, we’ve also talked about how you should be using social media as a platform to showcase your personal brand. Well folks, in the spirit of all of this talk of social media, I’ve decided that it’s time to discuss the real issues of our world today … how do you perfect your Instagram grid?! We’ve all seen those bloggers with the pristine grids, as if they live in a color schemed world where every picture they take is magically cohesive. So how the heck do they do it? I’ve got just a few tips that may crank your Insta-game up a notch.

Cultivate a color scheme
Some of the most successful grids that I’ve seen all have a consistent color scheme. Some post only in black and white, some in one color or overlay, and some people’s grids are just saturated with color in general. Either way, being conscious of the colors of the pictures you post will be help your grid tremendously when it comes to cohesion! Staying within the same color scheme can even mean sticking to either cool or warm colors, and to help with this, warmth can be increased or decreased through Instagram editing (woohoo)! Now if this one color scheme idea seems daunting to you, you can also maintain cohesion by alternating the backing of your pictures. For example, if your last post has a dark background, let your next photo have a white backing, and keep alternating. Check out @rindasutra to see what I’m talking about!

Find your filter
Just as you should try and keep your grid cohesive in terms of color, it’s worth it to stick to one kind of filter as well (or no filter at all, as long as you’re consistent!). This can help your grid flow smoothly even when the color scheme is slacking a little bit. According to a study done by Canva, Claredon is the most widely used filter in the U.S. and worldwide, but pick whichever one speaks to you the most! There are also plenty of photo-editing apps out there if the Instagram filters just aren’t cutting it for you. For example, VSCO is a popular app that has filter options to mystically make your photos seem more “artsy” as the kids say 😉! Nevertheless, finding your filter is a great way to ensure that your grid is golden! Take a look at @miss_gunner or @emily_luciano for some ideas!

Be a storyteller
Shifting your mindset from thinking about the look of each individual picture to the look of an entire 12 tiled grid is something that most people don’t consider. However, when someone clicks on your profile, your latest 12 pictures are the first thing they’re going to see. Let those pictures tell a story about you, and represent who you are. It’s important to also space out certain pictures on your grid. For example, if you just posted a picture of your brunch, posting that cute shot of your cappuccino as the next picture might be a little redundant. Try to keep a balanced grid with the placement and frequency of people pictures, food pictures, landscape pictures, and so on.


My favorite tip? In order to try these little pointers out, and decide whether a picture will look good in your grid, create a “tester” Instagram account! Put it on private, and don’t follow anyone so that you can go crazy and play around with filters and color schemes and what not! Need to some Insta inspo? Check us out at @anjeclothing

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