All Smiles for Brand New Styles

MAYDAY, MAYDAY, crazy things are happening at Anjé! Think of the Anjé clothing you know; effortless, classic, and chic, right? What if I told you that there was a brand new collection of these irresistible pieces for you to explore and love? Well, dreams really do come true because the long awaited new collection of Anjé clothing is finally here (confetti and champagne for all)!


As we know from all the greats like Madonna and Miley Cyrus (if that’s even a fair comparison), in order to stay relevant, you need to reinvent yourself a little. So how are we shaking it up this time? We’re saying hello to a little color! As a brand that values a classic look, we’ve kept our palette fairly neutral, but the new collection will feature pops of color to liven things up a bit while we continue with our classic silhouettes. Don’t worry, the new pieces will still be available in neutral colors for those of us who are neutral addicts (guilty as charged).

In addition to the exciting new colors we’re rolling out, we’ll also be introducing new sizes! A couple of weeks ago, we launched the #WeAreAnje campaign, a self-love revolution of sorts! We want all women to not just feel comfortable, but also confident in their own skin. That’s why our new styles are all made in extended sizes, ensuring that every-body can rock Anjé clothing.
What do I love most about this new collection? Well that’s kind of a loaded question, but besides the extended sizes, I’d say that the versatility factor is my favorite part. When you invest in quality clothing, you expect to be able to get a lot of use out of it. The pieces in our new collection are incredibly well-crafted, and can be worn in multiple ways. The Scarlet Unzip Me Duo Dress & Top and the Blake Leather Jacket / Vest Combo to name a few, are perfect examples. You’re getting so much more bang for your buck when you buy pieces that can truly transform!

These new styles will be hitting stores near you soon, but to quell your anticipation, they’re available right now for presale, but only for a limited time (picture me saying all of this in the least infomercial-ly way possible)! The best part about ordering from presale is that you’ll be getting the clothes at a wholesale price. What’s a wholesale price exactly? I’m glad you asked! A wholesale price is the cost of something before a retail markup is added to it…which means when you preorder from the new collection at a wholesale price, you’ll be getting our high-end, quality clothing for nearly half the price of what it usually goes for. Not a bad deal, right? Once you place your preorder, you’ll be updated regularly on the status of your order, which will be shipped out in early 2018. Patience is a virtue, my friends… and well worth it in this case!


Okay, I know that I’ve already gotten you all riled up about the new styles and colors and sizes in our latest collection, but I can’t resist sharing some other exciting news as well.

To showcase the new collection LIVE, we’ve joined forces with The PopUp CuratorMelanie Sutrathada, The Kota Alliance, and some other great brands to host a launch event next Thursday, 8/24! The event will be followed by a week-long Collection Viewing, located at 155 Chrystie Street in downtown Manhattan. All purchases, including preorders, made at the event or the week-long viewing come with a free gift of Anjé! So even if you preorder, you still walk away with goods! Wholesale prices + free Anjé ? #Score

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