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Two months left of 2016. (Gulp.) Did you achieve all the goals you set for yourself last year? In case you haven’t (though I’m sure you have), here are some pointers from me, Kate Hudson and a few scientists to get you back on track.


  1. WRITE NOW: Grab that resolution list and assess the damage. Using your clean pen, write a new list of the most important things you want to accomplish or improve about yourself. According to a study published in the British Journal of Health Psychology, clearly defining your intention can improve your success rate. In this particular study, researchers found that people who wrote down a strict plan for where and when they intended to exercise were more likely to follow through with the plan than those who didn’t. Not a writer? Lose the pen, insert the phone, type list.
  2. BREAK IT DOWN: Saving a large dollar amount can seem hard. Breaking it down into smaller segments makes it easier to swallow. That $1200 trip that would have been an easy $100/month is now a 2 month freak out. (Double gulp!) However knowing that equates to only $20/day will make you rethink those morning coffees, afternoon lunches and evening wines. Am I right? You got this! $20/day is nothing compared to the amazing vacation you were planning. When we break down a goal into more manageable segments, it’s easier to convince ourselves to go after it.



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  3. TALK IT OUT: As an effective way to restrain impulses and encourage motivation, research suggests tapping into your inner voice. Don’t walk around talking to yourself. Before that major pitch, remind yourself, “You can do this!” and when you’re running that last mile, “Keep going, don’t give up.” By averting our impulses, it’s easier to stay on track. Try putting a reminder in your phone with an alert to go off when you would be working on your goal. When my reminder goes off (Stay strong bicep),  it always makes me smile, in part because I’m the nerd that put it in there and part because it works for me! It makes me feel like nothing can stop me.
  4. JOIN FORCES: Many studies have shown that exercising with friends results in maintained weight loss over time. In an interview with Elle magazine, Kate said, “when you have friends that you can work out with you motivate each other.”  This doesn’t only apply to exercising though. Partner up with your bf’s to learn a new language or create that personal website you’ve been meaning to work on. Whatever your goals are, do it with friends and you’re more likely to stick to it. Start a “Year End Goal Chasers Club” with all your friends and then celebrate your success with a New Year’s Party!

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