Accessories That’ll Sweep You Right Into Spring

Everyone, awake from your slumbers! I repeat, get out of hibernation and come outside! Slowly but surely, spring is defrosting our hearts and souls. After coming out of a puffy jacket coma, it can be a bit disorienting to transition into your stylish spring wardrobe. What’s even in anymore? You mean I can walk outside without a scarf covering my entire face? What a concept, right? Well while you adjust to the surprisingly pleasant weather, there are a few spring accessories that you might want to take a look at. These spring staples will carry you through this seasonal transition period with plenty of flair!
Bold earrings
So in the past few months, I’ve decided to hop on the hoop bandwagon. As someone who had never been into earrings prior, this was a big step for me, but couldn’t have happened at a more opportune time. Bold earrings are in, my friends, and the bigger the better! Influencers like @ariellecharnas, @nimshimjajo, and @cultgaia are rocking them left and right! Whether you go with some hoops or a more elaborate style, let your earrings be loud and proud this spring!

Over the shoulder fanny packs
The fanny pack trend is not a new one. It’s graced our sartorial radars since the summer of 2018, but I’ve noticed a bit of an evolution in these spunky accessories. As opposed to wearing the traditional around the waist fanny packs, the over the shoulder adaptation is a spring essential this year! Functional and adventure friendly, I’m a big fan of these new and improved fanny pack looks…and so are @chloebbbb, @tashimrod, and @lissyroddyy pictured below.

90s thin sunglasses
The 90s are back baby…at least in reincarnated eyewear form 😉. This spring, thin 90s sunglasses will add just the right amount of pizazz to your look! Aren’t you proud of your hoarding tendencies now? As I always point out, fashion moves like a pendulum. We went from super round and oversized sunnies to these razor thin shades, quite the jump! But it’s a jump that @mstr_of_disguise, @kyliejenner, and @victoriouslogan are all making effortlessly.


How are you rocking these spring accessories trends? And did we miss any? Let us know by commenting below!

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