A (Quarantined) Day in the Life of An Anjé Modal Racerback Tank

Your alarm goes off and you take your time rolling out of bed. The weather outside? It’s irrelevant. Day of the week? Eh, they’re all practically the same. All you know is that you’re in need of optimal comfort these days! You’ve got a busy schedule today, so you need an outfit that’s going to move with you…from room to room 😅. You grab your go-to’s: your black Anjé Modal Racerback Tank and your Anjé Slouchy Silk Pants. You throw your sneakers on with a little dash of makeup and you’re ready to start the day!
Making the voyage from your room into the kitchen warrants a quick breather. You then start listening to your daily podcast while making some breakfast, but you can’t help but relish in the buttery soft feel of your modal tee. It relaxes you so much that you almost want to jump right back into bed…almost.

You slip on your Anjé Classic Leather Jacket as you log into your weekly Zoom meeting with your client. She greets you with a big smile and asks how you always look so put together even at home…little does she know this outfit is more comfortable than your pajamas 😌.

You take a break for a little walk around your block. It’s a beautiful day and feeling the sunlight melt into your shoulders is just the refresher you need to get back to work…after laughing at a few memes about what Elon Musk named his son, of course.

You throw on some leggings and unroll your yoga mat because it’s time to zen out! You begin your full body flow, appreciating how your tank moves with you effortlessly, shrouding you in serenity. With each inhale and exhale you can sense all your anxieties starting to fade.

You’re feeling completely reenergized just in time to bust open your window and clap for the healthcare workers who are tirelessly keeping the city safe, day in and day out. You’ve been at this every day for at least a month now, but your heart never fails to swell with pride and camaraderie as you and your neighbors cheer.

7:35 pm
You order take out from your local taco joint because you’re all about supporting small businesses right now…and because you freaking love tacos. You try to facetime friends for a “dinner party” at least twice a week and luckily tonight is one of those nights! The call starts with a burst of laughter when you notice your friend Kristin is also wearing her Modal Racerback Tank! Great minds think alike 🤔.

With a full belly and a sore voice from all the laughter, you migrate from the kitchen into your living room. Wrapping yourself in your Anjé Cashmere Poncho, you start contemplating what to watch on Netflix for tonight. With your glass of wine in hand and your body snuggled up in super soft modal and cashmere, a sense of gratitude washes over you. Despite all the craziness going on right now, you know there’s always a reason to smile.


Here at Anjé, we’re determined to keep you classy and comfortable now and always. That’s why on top of our existing collection of clothing, we’ll be creating face masks that will be made available to order. A percentage of every mask sold will go towards a purchase of surgical masks for Hackensack Meridian Health. Stay tuned next week for more details 💞.

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