A Motion for Minimalism

Aaahhhh new year, new you! 365 days filled with so much potential and promise. Another page turned, and another chance to renew yourself and start over! Don’t you feel so refreshed and clearheaded? Now take look at your overflowing closet that’s bursting at the seams…do you still feel refreshed? DUNDUNDUN. As I alluded to in last week’s article, one aspect of our lives that we all might need to declutter this new year is our own closets. That’s right, this is your new year’s wake-up call, and a motion for minimalism.

So what exactly is minimalism? To put it simply, it’s all about simplicity (see what I did there? 😉). It’s a lifestyle centered on cutting out the excess in order to achieve a higher sense of freedom. If you’re intrigued by minimalism as a lifestyle, theminimalists.com is a great place for more info and inspiration! Now I’m not asking you to go full blown minimalist here. All I’m saying is that the concept of minimalism applies very nicely to our wardrobes. Having a minimalist wardrobe basically entails investing in staple pieces, and limiting the number of items that you own while ensuring that the pieces you do have are extremely versatile (meaning you can mix and match them to create endless outfit options). We’re forced to practice minimalism when we travel, so it’s a handy concept to master! Not only is minimalism a useful exercise for traveling, it’s also the direction that society is heading, according to some futurists. Trend forecaster and futurist, Lidewij Edelkoort, stated in her 2016 prediction that we’d start to move away from fast fashion and instead, move back to quality, handcrafted clothing. This predicted shift to slow fashion is all about promoting sustainability and minimalism, and is bound to start sinking into our society before we even realize it.

Now that you know what minimalism is, specifically in the context of your closet, how can you start implementing it? As someone who’s guilty of having a closet that warrants a “duck and cover!”, I’d say the first step is to purge. Anything you haven’t worn in the past year or two should probably go (preferably to charity). As the size of your closet dwindles, the next step is to begin to invest in quality, staple pieces. Pay close attention to the colors that you gravitate towards, and make sure your new clothes can all fit within the color scheme so that mixing and matching is a lot easier. My go-to color scheme involves a whole lot of black, some white and grey, and a pop of color every now and then. Pretty #basic, I know, but that’s the point! The key is that you can get away with owning less clothing because the pieces you do have are all cohesive, and allow you to have just as many outfit options.
As a clothing brand with classic, seasonless styles, Anjé is aligned perfectly with the ideals of minimalism (which means you’ve already got a head start!). Our Classic Leather Jacket, for example, is the perfect staple piece for any minimalist’s wardrobe. It’s highly versatile, and it’ll last for years to come, making it satisfy the quality component of what a minimalist-worthy garment is. Of course the same goes for all of our clothing, so all you have to do when building your minimalist wardrobe is take your pick 😊.


Take a deep breath and imagine your life without the mountains of unnecessary clothing that currently occupy your home. Imagine feeling free of the clutter, while still knowing you’ve got a kick-ass wardrobe. Sometimes minimalism is more, my friends!

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