A Look Back on NYFW

As September comes to a close, so does a month notoriously known for one of fashion’s biggest weeks! That’s right, New York Fashion Week (NYFW), is a magical week that happens twice a year; once in September and once in February. This year, from September 7th to the 14th, hundreds of fashion-hungry people swarmed to the Big Apple to get a piece of the action. In honor of this NYFW having come and gone, I figured I’d give you an über quick run-down of what fashion week really is, and how Anjé joined the fun this season!

Fashion week 101
We’ve all heard about the super posh, and seemingly frivolous fashion week, but to many of us, it’s still an enigma. What really is it? And what is its purpose?
Fashion week is a chance for fashion designers and brands to showcase their latest work to the public. Plain and simple, right? Except what we, the public, don’t see is that it takes hundreds of people, and many months, to prep for each runway show. The shows are meant to attract as much attention as they possibly can so that the designer or brand can gain good old publicity, and hopefully be deemed worthy enough to be highlighted in some of the most prestigious fashion publications and media outlets (did someone say Vogue?).

Pause. Is anyone else confused about the timing of the fashion weeks, and what season the clothes are supposed to be for? If a fashion show is taking place in September, shouldn’t the clothes that are showcased be for the fall? Believe it or not, the clothes that you see going down the runway in a fashion show are usually two seasons or so ahead of when they’re being shown. So the clothing that’s showcased during a September fashion week will generally be set to hit the market by spring/summer of the following year. The fashion industry operates on this skewed schedule mainly so that buyers have time to decide which pieces to order, and designers have time to manufacture those orders.
It think it’s also important to note that although New York City is pretty cool, there are fashion weeks in other cities as well. London, Milan, and Paris all have their own fashion weeks, and together with NYC, these cities make up the “Big Four” fashion capitals of the world. So if you didn’t get your fill during this past NYFW, you still have some good fashion coming your way!

Anjé's Take
In true fashion week spirit, we’ve done a lot of fun things in the past month, including spreading self-love through our #WeAreAnje campaign, collaborating with a few badass brands for pop ups, and released an incredible new video that breaks down what Anjé is all about, and how we can all change the world, simply by shopping!
If you haven't noticed by now, Anjé operates quite differently than most fashion brands. Why make you wait 6 months for something we're showing you now?! Back in late August we introduced the new collection with a VIP launch party, releasing limited edition styles so our customers could literally SEE NOW and BUY NOW/WEAR NOW. Since Anjé offers primarily seasonless apparel that can be worn year-round, it doesn't matter when you shop. With some basic layering and a few key Anjé pieces, that summer number can easily be turned into a fall favorite! 

Yours truly had a bit of fashion week fun as well! On behalf of Anjé, I attended the TRUE Model after party in New York City, and was thoroughly impressed! To give you the scoop on what a NYFW after party looks like: there are a bunch of well-dressed, highly attractive people in a concentrated area all drinking some bubbly and eating fancy finger foods (mini egg rolls…YUM). But fashion week is so much more than the glamour of the after parties and what you see in magazines. The truth is that fashion week has become a quintessential part of our society, and without it, plenty of people would be out of their life’s work. Fashion week is an opportunity to celebrate our culture, and the art that is fashion.


Can’t wait for the next NYFW? Get your countdown started for February 8th through 16th!

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