A Day in the Life of the Anjé Open Back Leopard Sweater

You ease yourself out of bed with a big smile on your face. This is the start of what you already know is going to be a really great day! You start your morning routine – getting washed up, doing quick yoga, brewing your morning coffee, and picking out what to wear. With this transitional weather it’s tough to choose wisely, but you don’t hesitate to grab your Anjé Open Back Leopard Sweater – it’s the perfect statement piece to carry you through your jam-packed day! You opt to stay in your PJ pants a little longer…your top steals the show anyway! Today your cup is brimming with nothing but good vibes.
Popping on some chunky earrings and a hint of lip color, you log onto your company-wide Friday review meeting. Your boss goes over the stats of the week and it turns out that you were a top performer…again! She jokes that maybe it’s because you’re so stylish and put together even for Zoom calls. You (half) joke back saying it’s only from the waist up! 😉

A few weeks ago, you were invited to give a workshop at a virtual conference. You’ve been preparing ever since, ensuring each slide is pixel perfect. Notes of relaxing eucalyptus mint swirl through the air from your stress relief candle, yet you can’t help but be a little nervous - there are almost 400 live viewers attending! Just as you’re being introduced, you take a deep breath and caress the softness of your sweater. And before you know it, you’ve successfully led your entire workshop and your laptop is blowing up with positive feedback!

Still riding the high of your incredible presentation, you throw on your jeans and black pumps so you can head to lunch with your mentee. You took a half day at work because you need to start chipping away at all of the PTO you haven’t used yet, so you log off and head out with your mask in hand! Catching up with your mentee and sharing your perspective on her predicaments is always refreshing for the both of you. After all, a true girlboss shows other women their worth!

 You both can’t leave each other until you’ve snapped some pics, of course 😌.

You stop back home to trade your jeans for your Anjé Slouchy Silk Pants and your Adidas Superstar sneakers, wracking your brain to even try thinking of a cozier ensemble than this. Your pondering is interrupted by your friend’s car horn – it’s time to hop in and head out to Long Island and have yourselves a fall weekend!

The first stop after checking into the highly sanitized Airbnb is one of Long Island’s famous vineyards. You all sip away and chat about the craziness of 2020. Spending time with the girls is something you cherish even more now, and you can’t help but feel the most peaceful sense of happiness by being surrounded by them…and of course being complimented on the chic comfort of your outfit probably isn’t hurting either 💁‍♀️. Somewhere between all of the deep conversation and bouts of laughter, the sun slowly sets and you throw on your Anjé Leather Jacket to make it through the last round of rosé.

You’ve all settled into the Airbnb despite the giggling galore, and you’ve already planted yourself on the couch with your takeout sushi in hand. Someone pops on American Horror Story and the binge watching begins! You realize there’s a very good chance that you’ll knock out on this couch, still wearing your sweater and silk pants. And you know what? You are very okay with that. You couldn’t have asked for a better day!


It doesn’t get much cuter and comfier than our Open Back Leopard Sweater! Business in the front, party in the back, and stylish comfort all over! Grab yours before they’re all gone!

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