A Day in the Life of the Anjé Essential Dress

I know what you’re thinking…waking up at 10:00am?! That’s generally unheard of for a go-getter like you, yes, but today is serendipitously a Saturday and your body is already thanking you for getting your eight hours in. You lounge around in bed for a few minutes, taking in the glorious sensation of cuddling up in your cozy sheets. After your morning meditation you spring up, ready to start your weekend!

Following a quick shower and facemask, you’re tasked with putting together an outfit versatile enough for your jam-packed day. It takes you all of 20 seconds to figure it out…in the words of the wise Justin Bieber, “baby it’s a no-brainer”. Your black Anjé Essential Dress, of course! You slip it on, caressing the silk charmeuse and your cozy sheets are instantly jealous that you don’t even miss them anymore. You complete the look with your Anjé Cashmere Blend Striped Scarf, some fun stockings, and your favorite booties, then you’re out the door!

Brunch, baby! The highlight of any weekend (and every girl’s Insta feed 😉). There’s so much more to savor at brunch than just the delicious food. It’s an alternate dimension where $20 for a plate of fancy eggs “isn’t too bad”, and everyone’s inhibitions are gone a few hours earlier than usual. Nevertheless, monthly brunch with your girlfriends has become a staple in your self-love routine and today is no exception!

 You’re showered with hugs when you walk in – hugs that elicit a cacophony of compliments on how incredibly smooth and soft your dress feels. After fielding questions about where your girlfriends can get their own dress (AnjeClothing.com 😌), the marathon of chatting begins, ebbing and flowing between bites (and pictures) of the delectable spread you and your friends have ordered.

Fully energized from a hearty meal, you head uptown to the venue where you’ll be cohosting a benefit event for the charity organization your company supports. In less than three hours, glamorous guests will be showing up, and there is A LOT to do. You slip out of your booties, swap them for your Adidas Superstars, and scrunch up the sleeves of your Essential Dress, ready to get your hands dirty.

The next few hours are spent running around packing gift bags for guests, moving chairs and tables, and perfecting final details - a workout that would make P90X seem like a daydream. With 40 pounds worth of decorations in your hands, your coworker incredulously asks if you’re “actually comfortable” wearing a dress right now. You laugh, explaining you’d be comfortable in this dress even if you were Sandra Bullock in the movie Bird Box…and had no blindfold.

The sneakers, stockings, and scarf come off to reveal your silky-smooth legs (shaving in the winter is dedication that needs to be shown off!). You step into a pair of black pointed pumps and throw on your favorite fancy statement necklace. With a quick hair and makeup retouch, you’re out on the floor welcoming guests to the event, brimming with excitement to see your hard work finally come to fruition. As you mingle and enjoy hour ‘devours, you’re swarmed with praise about how elegant you look…little do they know how hard you were busting your butt in nearly the same outfit just a half an hour ago 😉!

Necklace via dannijo.com

In honor of the most successful benefit event your company has ever hosted, you and your team go out for drinks at the city’s hottest bar. With a cocktail in your hand and your Anjé Leather Jacket draped over your shoulders, you’re looking sexy and sophisticated…true girlboss status! As you and your coworkers muse over the highlights of the night, your boss pulls you aside to personally thank you for the work you put into the event. “You’re really going places!” she adds, and your heart nearly flutters out of your beloved dress. You clink glasses and mentally cheers yourself for such a kickass day.


The Anjé Essential Dress is truly a garment that will bring out your best no matter the setting. From casual to formal, the Essential Dress is your surefire fashion staple!

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