A Day in the Life of Anjé Embroidered Joggers

Hellooooo Monday! You jump out of bed ready to conquer the day, the week, and hell, this whole year! But as you start your morning routine, you can’t help but feel the chill creep in from outside. So it doesn’t take long for you to decide you’re wearing your go-to item today…your Anjé Embroidered Joggers in black! The snuggly fleece warms you right up as you throw on your Taupe Anjé Silk Tee and your pair of light pink New Balance kicks.


Good news to share in your morning standup meeting - Q1 is not even a third over and your team is already more than halfway to reaching its Q1 target! Having built this team from the ground up, you couldn’t be prouder. Good vibes all around this morning…you knew the joggers were the right choice today!
You get a random Microsoft Teams call from your work wife and brace yourself to take in the tea from the weekend. Her image loads on your screen and she jumps up, excited to show you her outfit. “They came in!” she shrieks as she flaunts her pair of Anjé Embroidered Joggers. She ordered them so you could match and you both revel in how comfy they are, vowing to wear them to the office once you can go back!
Time for your employee resource group meeting, always a favorite part of your Monday! As people shuffle into the video call, someone compliments how you always look so put together. You stand up and back away from the camera so everyone can take in your full casual-chic look. You tell them you swear by your joggers and upon popular request, you share the link in the group chat. After a round of thank you’s, you get started leading the discussion on empowering women in the workplace 💪.
You send off your last email with just enough daylight left for a quick run outside! You trade your “work joggers” for your “workout joggers” …none other than the Anjé Embroidered Joggers in black heather. Bundling up in your other workout gear, you start adding pump up songs to your queue and are off for a speedy two miles. As you push through soreness in your legs and take in the brisk air, you’re thankful for the stretch and recovery of your joggers allowing you to set a new average mile time record!

You take a soothing shower and slip into your comfy Anjé Abstract Watercolor Hoodie, your Anjé Embroidered Joggers in athletic heather, and some super fuzzy socks. You’re feeling refreshed, but so hungry! So you decide to try out a new vegetarian lasagna recipe – who needs Hello Fresh when you’ve got mom’s homemade tomato sauce all jarred up? As you pour it into the pan, some sauce splashes onto your joggers! A travesty! But thanks to the cotton poly blend, cleanup is effortless and quick. With a little soap and water, you’re as good as new…and ready to devour your masterpiece! 

Bring on the Bachelor! Your neighbor/BFF makes her way over for your weekly Bachelor wine night. As you both scoff at the show and gush at your favorite contestants, you find yourself feeling so grateful for all the little things that fill your cup. Snuggling up in your joggers, you couldn’t be more content.
We can’t be the only ones living in our joggers right now! A pair in each color is definitely not extra…especially when they’re only $38 each! Let us know how you rock your joggers by commenting below!

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