A Day in the Life of an Anjé V-Neck Slip Dress

You slowly come into consciousness as your alarm clock plays Friday by Rebecca Black. Very fitting for what you’ve got in store on this fine day (also have you seen her glow up?). Today you’re serving up nothing but good vibes - not only is it a Friday, it’s a summer Friday. You commence your morning routine and check the weather only to discover that it. Is. HOT. The city is knee deep in a heat wave, yet it’s always FREEZING in the office…it’s a first world problem indeed, but one that still needs to be dealt with. How do you cope with a jam-packed day and the fluctuating temperatures you know you’ll encounter? You throw on your favorite layering piece – the chic and practical Anjé V-Neck Slip Dress in white. You belt it and pair it with a summery blazer (unbuttoned with your sleeves rolled up of course), nude pumps, and sleek earrings. With a quick pop of lipstick and your hair thrown into a loose low bun, you jump onto the 2 train downtown ready to have yourself a day!  

You park yourself at your desk and as your coworkers filter in, the usual Friday banter ensues. A touch of celebrity gossip, talks of plans for the weekend, and a casual Friday fashion show. You’re showered with compliments on your tasteful look, but you’re too antsy to really let them sink in…your monthly one on one with your boss is in a few minutes and even after being at your company for four months, the nerves still get a hold of you.

When you’re finally called into her pristine corner office, you walk in with your shoulders back and a friendly greeting ready to roll off your tongue. As you sit down, you let your hands rest comfortably on your thigh, tracing the smooth fabric of your slip dress. A surge of peaceful confidence rushes through you. “New dress?” Your boss asks. “Actually, I wore it last week with sandals and that cardigan,” you admit. “Oh yes, that’s right! I always say women who invest in quality basics are the smartest of us all!” After she finishes commending you for your stylish yet versatile wardrobe, she proceeds to thank you for the great work you’ve been doing and hints at a promotion coming up for your sixth month. #girlbossstatus

Another successful workweek in the books you think as you walk a few blocks over to meet your mom for lunch (who else would be more willing to take a trip to the city just for a lunch date with you?). After a warm hug and kiss, you both sit down and dive into the menu. You lose your jacket because you’re dining outside, and the umbrella can only do so much! Your mom looks up from her menu and starts exclaiming how your dress looks fabulous on you – you’re glowing! You modestly explain that it’s half because of your favorite minimalist dress and half because you’re glistening with sweat. Nevertheless, by the end of the meal your mom has convinced you to let her borrow the dress next week, touting you can’t deny that good taste just runs in the family 😉.

After a pitstop at home, you’re on the train heading to the Hamptons for the weekend (does it get any more summer than that?). You’re wearing Adidas Superstars with your now unbelted slip dress because comfort is key for any type of travel, even a train ride. You throw your cozy knock around sweatshirt over you because the LIRR knows how to blast the AC (must be in cahoots with your office). You can’t help but feel like one of those athleisure fashion bloggers throughout the whole ride.

It’s all laughter and love when you meet your friends at a beachside bar for tapas and drinks. Bob Marley is playing in the background, your hair is now in loose waves, and your sneakers were swapped out for your new trendy platform sandals. A light denim jacket is draped over your shoulder to combat the beach breeze, and you’ve got loads of fun, beaded layering necklaces on. There’s a palpable sense of excitement in the air. Everyone’s pumped for the weekend. You watch the sun set over the water and feel your clothes gently gliding in the light wind. Another day well spent in your Anjé V-Neck Slip Dress 😌.


Our V-Neck Slip Dress was made with on-the-go women like you in mind. The search for an effortlessly chic garment to accompany you throughout your day is officially over! Cheers to that 🥂.

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