A Day in the Life of an Anjé Oversized Knit Pullover Sweater

You leisurely awake from your recurring dream about you winning a Nobel Peace Prize while in your PJs, enjoying the fact that Saturday means you don’t have to spring out of your bed. When you eventually muster the willpower to relinquish your cozy sheets, you crack your window just a bit to let the crisp fall air in. All weekends are great, but weekends in fall have a certain magic to them and you intend to soak every bit of it up today. You’re not one to be complacent, so although it’s a Saturday, you’ve got a packed schedule. 

With eggs sizzling on the stove, you quickly peer into your closet to figure out what to wear. It takes you all of .5 seconds to grab your Anjé Oversized Knit Pullover Sweater. It’s been your fall staple and today is no exception. You slip it on and pair it with your Anjé Classic Leather Mini skirt, some black peep toe booties, your favorite tote, and a little lip color. With your outfit and breakfast all sorted out, you’re ready to get going!

Making your way downtown (walking almost as fast as Vanessa Carlton), you arrive at the cutest hole in the wall coffee shop to meet your client turned friend. As the VP of Product Design for a huge tech company, she’s an absolute badass...and has an eye for aesthetics. That’s why your ego  is boosted a little extra when she compliments your outfit with a, “How do you look this good on a Saturday morning?!” The conversation easily flows between business and personal as you both sip away on your healthy dose of a pumpkin spiced beverage. 

Content with knowing Q4 is going to end with a few major business deals, you slide into your Adidas Superstars and head to the farmers market a few blocks over. It’s nearly impossible to resist picking up some fresh flowers and fall decor, as sunlight pours over you. Passing by some popurri, you start becoming weak at the thought of how friggin cute your apartment is going to look 😱. You escort yourself back home, where you spend some time decorating and then sit back in your comfy turtleneck taking it all in. Inspired by your pristine environment, you’re extra productive and decide to spruce up your LinkedIn page and resume…#girlboss.


Cozy is the name of the game, as you prepare to leave your place once again, this time to go pumpkin picking with your girls! Listen, it’s not basic, it’s simply a right of passage that every female must complete each fall 🤷. Unable to part with your Oversized Knit Pullover Sweater, you switch up your look just a tad by changing into soft black leggings, your black leather riding boots, a puffy black vest, and your black buckled fedora hat. Now looking like the epitome of fall fabulousness, you meet your friends and go to partake in all things spoopy! 🎃

Following an afternoon of apple cider, giggling to no end, and Instagram pics to die for, your friends have somehow convinced you to go through the haunted corn maze. Giving into the peer pressure, you reluctantly agree and squeeze the comforting sleeves of your sweater. Your heart is POUNDING and your palms are sweaty as you move closer and closer in line. Before you know it, you and you’re crew are up. Holding your friend’s hand, you bury your face in the collar of your turtleneck and stumble through the maze with her guiding the way. You’re miraculously shielded from the scarecrows chasing you with chainsaws, and somehow the shrieks of your friends are muted underneath the Acrylic, Wool, and Alpaca blend of your sweater. Everyone makes it out alive and starts cracking up at you still barely peeking over the top of your turtleneck! 

The night ends at your place where the ambience can truly be admired. Everyone is snuggled up on your couch, munching on chinese food and sipping on some wine. Pillsbury Ready to Bake Pumpkin cookies are baking in the oven, and you plop on your couch as well to click through options of Halloween classics to watch together. In a blissful state of fall fulfillment, you nuzzle your sweater, settle in a little more, and take moment to appreciate the kickass day you just had. 


Fall = The Anjé Oversized Knit Pullover Sweater. Show us how you style yours, and of course, happy spoopy season! 

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