A Day in the Life of an Anjé Leather Jacket

Your alarm goes off and you hit the snooze button because it’s a Tuesday and doesn’t the alarm clock know that you’re still trying to recover from Monday? Fighting the pestilent sleepiness, you untangle yourself from your sheets and begin your morning routine.

Hhhmm what to wear, what to wear? Considering your current state of lethargy, you need something easy breezy, yet put-together enough for work. You go with the Slouchy Silk Pant and the Silk Tee in taupe, a perfect balance of comfy and chic.

You look outside and see that fall is in full swing, which means a morning like this will be unbearably nippy without some kind of armor. With one last glance at the clock, you quickly grab your go-to: a buttery soft Anjé Leather Jacket. Booking it out the door and into the crisp air, you feel a sense of sweet comfort being wrapped up in your jacket. Time to conquer the day.


You get to work, make yourself of a cup of coffee (necessities, people), and start sifting through your emails. But before long, you’re distracted. For some reason, office buildings are always in competition with the arctic tundra when it comes to temperature. You know just the solution though! Instead of freezing over, you lay your leather jacket over your legs like a cozy blanket and start firing out those emails. #girlboss

Time to meet with some potential clients and your nerves are taking a life of their OWN. You play with the zipper of your leather jacket to stay calm and rehearse your pitch one more time in your head as you wait for the crew to arrive. When they walk into the conference room, you give each one a firm handshake, concluding with the last to walk in – the senior executive. As you greet her, she smiles, warmly greets you as well, and compliments your jacket…your nerves are suddenly nowhere to be found and the meeting is a hit!

After a quick change into your favorite little black dress, you’re off to dinner with friends at one of the city’s hottest spots. You and your besties let your eyes pour over the options and happily prepare for an oncoming food baby while your leather jacket is draped gracefully over your shoulders. Honey, you look sleek. Everyone notices the confidence oozing out of you.

The night continues as you and your team migrate over to one of your favorite bars. Sipping on some drinks, you all start reminiscing. As you get into recounting stories of the good old days, you scrunch up the sleeves of your leather jacket and let your hand gestures go wild. You have your friends cracking up – the deep stomach laughs, gasping for air type of cracking up. Sitting back with a smile after a few rounds of stories and drinks, you caress the smooth sleeve of your jacket and think about what a hell of a day it’s been.


There’s a reason why they say a quality leather jacket is a staple in every woman’s wardrobe! A leather jacket is a garment you can really live in. It’s ready to stick with you throughout your day and throughout some of the most special moments of your life. Finding the perfect one to invest in can be difficult, which is why we’ve taken the guess work out for you! Check out the ultimate leather jacket here 😌.

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