A Day in the Life of an Anjé Golden Lotus Bomber Jacket

You peacefully awake to warm sunlight bouncing off of your walls, and to the sound of birds chirping. Spring has finally sprung in NYC! And you need an outfit that truly embodies this nearly post-covid renaissance that the city is experiencing, especially considering all you have planned for the day. Without hesitation you pull out your Anjé Golden Lotus Bomber Jacket in light pink and start building an outfit around it. The piece is just so cozy, yet stylish and spunky…you know you’re bound to have a good day in it!
You hop off the A train looking fly as hell in your bomber jacket, black Modal Racerback Tank, and Slouchy Silk Pants with chic open toed sandals. Spotting three of your besties at the restaurant down the block, you strut down to them and commence the celebratory #vaccinated brunch. Between inhaling her chicken and waffles and chortling over a story someone told, Kat asks where your jacket is from. You tell her to take one guess, and Lisa interjects with, “Anjé of course!” That’s where all of your best clothes are from anyway 😉.
You all decide to go shopping in Williamsburg, soaking up the beautifully warm weather…and needing to walk off those mimosas. You sift through cool thrift shops and somehow find that every dress you try on looks a little better with your bomber jacket draped over it. Coincidence? You think not... 
You make it back home and decide to head to your gym for some mid-day yoga - your abs are pretty sore from all the laughing you did with your friends! You slip into your Anjé Golden Lotus Lounge Shorts and Anjé Golden Lotus Padded Sports Bra, but you're not ready to go without tossing your hair up into a high pony and throwing on your bomber jacket. You stop for an extra second to check out your look in the mirror, appreciating how well the golden lotus design of your bomber jacket matches your exercise set. Before you know it, you’re on your way to ultimate zen!

Your date is going to be at the door at any second and you’re still frantically trying to figure out what to wear. You have on your black Essential Dress and some fun black wedges, but the dinner spot you're going to isn’t super fancy, and you need something to make your look more casual. Your eye fixates on your Golden Lotus Bomber Jacket that you were wearing earlier, and you immediately know this is the missing piece to the puzzle – how did I not think of this sooner?! The brushed fleece of the jacket calms your nerves as you walk downstairs and meet your date at the door. “You look incredible,” he proclaims, “look at this jacket!” A man who knows what good style is? Yes please!

You kick off your shoes, slam on your roommate’s door, and immediately start gushing about how amazing the date was! Nervously zipping your bomber jacket up and down, you squeal when you see he’s already texted you to start planning date number two! The perfect ending to a fabulous day!

There are a million ways to have a good day in our Golden Lotus Bomber Jacket. You write the rules, we just hand you the pen! Be sure to scoop your Golden Lotus jacket before they’re gone! 

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