A Day in the Life of an Anjé Cashmere Poncho

You spring out of bed. Today is your day, you can feel it in your bones! Sometimes there’s no rhyme or reason, you just wake up feeling like you can conquer the world. You’re a little suspicious, however, that today’s off to a good start because you’re excited to wear the outfit you laid out for yourself last night.
With a lot on the agenda for today, you had to plan a look that was versatile, comfortable, and effortlessly chic. As the smell of toast permeates your apartment, you excitedly step into a pair of leather leggings, your Anjé Silk Tee, and then the MVP of the whole look…your Anjé Cashmere Poncho in solid charcoal. You throw on a gold link necklace for some pizazz, lace up your walking shoes and you’re out the door!

You get to the office, 15 minutes early, as usual. You exchange rounds of “Happy Thursday” with coworkers you pass by as you grab your daily dose of caffeine. Plopping down at your desk and starting to sift through emails, you hear Stacy a few desks over putting her winter coat back on and asking if anyone else is cold. You don’t blame her. The HVAC system has been acting up in the office, blowing out cold air in the dead of winter. Despite the tundra like working conditions, you comfortably kick into productivity with your cashmere poncho as your shield.

You slip into black pumps, pop a little color on your lips, grab your classic black Celine bag, and head out to meet a client for lunch in Tribeca. Since it’s a sunny day, you don’t have to drag your winter coat along with you, especially since your cashmere poncho is more than enough to keep you cozy! The sunlight glows on your smiling face as your shake your client’s hand outside the lunch spot. She immediately compliments your look, even reaching out to feel the buttery softness of your poncho. By the end of your lunch, your client asks you to send her your company’s terms to sign…and the link to the poncho you’re wearing 😉.

Making your way downtown for a networking event, you feel electric. It’s always important to go into these events confidently, and today you certainly look and feel the part! You meet some great people and have a refreshing mix of small talk about “Megxit” and talk about business. You’ve stashed a few of your business cards into the convenient side pockets of your poncho, allowing for easy exchange of contact information with so many of these lovely people!

You run over to your local rooftop bar to meet a friend who’s visiting from out of town. Two rounds in and you’re both out of the rooftop laughing about a story from the 7th grade that you’ve each told countless times before. You notice your friend shivers a little from a chilly gust of wind, so you undo the snap closures on the sides of your poncho and take her under your wing…which induces another round of giddy laughter to close the night out on.

Back at your apartment, you and your friend are happily exhausted. When you get out of the shower, you find her curled up on your couch with your poncho wrapped around her. You can’t help but chuckle and tuck her in tighter…and then take a blackmail picture to hold over her head forever, as best friends do 😈. The perfect ending to a perfect day. 


Our Cashmere Ponchos are there with you throughout your entire day. Available in Black Houndstooth, Grey Houndstooth and Solid Charcoal, they’re the perfect dress-up/dress-down additions to your winter wardrobe! Show us how you style yours @anjeclothing !

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