A COVID Friendly Fall Getaway

We’re on the heels of another 3-day weekend and I already know what you’re thinking. Another wasted day off…there’s nothing to do and nowhere to go. (Insert sad violin music.) What if I told you a COVID-friendly fall getaway wasn’t as unattainable as you think? A couple of weeks ago I went off on a little adventure, perfect for any fall 3-day weekend. I’ll break it down for you below so you can pick and choose where you want to go 😉.
I’ve been talking about going camping for a while now… I even deemed my $25 tent as one of my most useful Amazon purchases during quarantine before I had the chance to use it! The truth is, I could’ve been more prepared, but it was an absolute blast! The adventure is in the details and in the company you’re with. Every project, from setting up the tent to starting the fire, is journey and is likely to incite uncontrollable laughter. Not to mention being out in nature and unplugging for a bit can work wonders for the depleted mind! I went to Korn’s Campground, which was only an hour and a half drive from NYC, but there are plenty other campsites around!  Next time I’ll be bringing an air mattress and more blankets…

Bear Mountain 
Not too far from the campground, there’s Bear Mountain State Park. A great place to go picnic and sit by the water, but the main reason people go is to hike up the mountain. There’s an “easy” way up that consists of a lot of stairs (still be ready to sweat) and a harder route for more experienced hikers. Both paths lead up to a beautiful view of the Hudson River and the surrounding mountains. Definitely worth the 3 hours as well as the leg soreness!

Next on the itinerary was to explore the town of Beacon! It’s become a pretty popular spot over the years, and I can absolutely see why – it felt like the Brooklyn of the Hudson River Valley! Their main street was lined with cute stores and restaurants and coffee shops! You could easily spend the day shopping and eating around without even feeling guilty because #shopsmall and #shoplocal, right? The Beacon Daily has THE BEST breakfast sandwich you’ll ever scarf down, completed with their fresh, homemade English muffins. Glazed Over Donuts is practically Instagram famous by now…I got half a dozen donuts just for myself (no remorse). And Blackbird Attic was the sweetest little shop for hip candles, jewelry, and clothing.
After exploring main street, I caught the sunset at Long Dock Park and then headed to the Story Screen Drive In for an outdoor movie. Talk about a perfect day!  

Dia Beacon
 This art museum has been on my bucket list for ages! And the hype was totally warranted. It gave me serious MoMA vibes, with a lot of very interpretive artwork that could have you sitting there for a while, just pondering the meaning of life. I loved how spacious the museum was, and that there was barely any writing on the walls. Very minimalistic, although there were QR codes you could scan to get more info on the artists and the pieces. I couldn’t leave without getting my obligatory photo in front of one of Dan Flavin’s pieces

Apple Picking (in Anjé, of course) 
Would it actually be fall without apple picking? (The answer is no, in case you were wondering.) In years past I’ve gone to Dubois Farms in Highland, but this year I shook it up and went to Lawrence Farms Orchards. There was a wide variety of apples to choose from, fresh apple cider donuts to munch on, and great views to take pictures near! I couldn’t resist wearing my Anjé Silk Tee for the most perfect apple picking outfit!


Pssst! While you’re out on your fall getaway, don’t forget to make sure you’re registered to vote! Deadlines to register are quickly approaching 😊

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