A Big Apple Food Binge

Aaahhh New York, New York, our favorite concrete jungle! Home to budding businesses, 8.5 million people, and some of the world’s most tempting food. Let’s face it, everyone is a foodie when they’re in New York…including yours truly 😉. It’s a little sad for me to admit it, but yes, I’ve recently dined at every single place on this list. Which means you better be prepared for my mediocre, intensely basic food pics that I managed to snag seconds before devouring the very food I was photographing. Since I’ve been doing an excessive amount of munching in NYC, I figured the silver lining would be that I can share a few of my new fav spots with you lovely people. Brace your taste buds!

1. Mexicue
Tequila and tacos? Now that sounds like a devilishly good time! Mexicue is a unique food truck turned restaurant that has somehow mastered the fusion of Mexican food and American Southern comfort food. With taco and burrito conceptions that are too creative to turn down, there’s no way you’re walking out of there without trying at least three. I mentioned that there’s tequila, right?

2. Gnoccheria
Gnocchi? Okey dokey! 🙈 Wow…that was definitely the cheesiest thing I’ve uttered in a while…but it still wasn’t as cheesy this East Village restaurant’s gem of a gnocchi recipe! Okay okay, well it actually depends on which kind of gnocchi you order. Their quattro formaggi dish is definitely for my fellow cheese lovers out there! But for those who want to get a real taste of what this place has to offer, I’d highly recommend trying the Tris Signature Dish for Two, which samples three of their signature gnocchi dishes. Good luck trying to pick your fav 😉.

3. Doughnut Plant

Do-nut underestimate the power of these doughnuts (hehe). They’re absolutely magical. Once you realize how much more a doughnut can offer, you’ll never go back to plain old Boston cream again! The Doughnut Plant has perfectly curated some of the most delightful flavors known to man and put them in doughnut form. Matcha green tea, carrot cake, peanut butter and blackberry jam, blue berry crumble, and cinnamon bun are just to name a few of the mouthwatering options here!

4. Eatlay
Mamma mia! This was a trip down memory lane for me! Eataly is the hub of all authentic Italian food and culture in the city (at least in my opinion). Sitting there contently scarfing down my personal pizza, I couldn’t help but be reminded of my time spent in Italy. Eataly is actually fairly popular there too! Aside from the genuine Italian food, Eataly is great for its variety. There are numerous different restaurants under one roof, so you’ll have the choice to grab a quick bite to go, or to stay for a sit-down meal!

5. The Counter
This place will have you waking up in the morning craving their burgers. What’s so special about this burger joint? Isn’t a burger a burger a burger…? NO! The Counter allows you to completely customize a masterpiece of your own. With a plethora of topping choices, you might be there for a while before you’re actually ready to place your order. You’ll also start to worry about how they’re gonna be able to fit it all under one bun, but don’t fret, they’re pros. When I visited this beefy mecca, I also ordered a Kahlua and peanut butter milkshake to end things on a sweet note, per usual. It was most definitely a move 👌.


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